Once a Permit has been approved, fees must be paid and the permit issued before a project can begin, or inspections can be scheduled.  Commercial plan reviews must be paid at the time of submittal.

Payment options are:

Online (preferred)

Online payments will now be accepted only through our OpenGov payment site.

If you are paying for an application submitted before 8/24/2021 please contact Building Inspection so we can link your OpenGov account to your permit record. 

Please view the document below to see how to make a payment using OpenGov's secure payment site.


- Electronic Checks.  There is a $5.50  convenience fee per transaction for electronic check payments.  

- Credit or Debit Cards.  There is a 2.99% plus 99 cents processing fee per transaction for credit card payments.

In Person

While we prefer that you make your payment via the portal, we understand that some payments may need to be made at city hall. 

You MUST include your plan review or permit record ID number and address with the payment when paying at city hall. Without it we will not be able to process your payment.

- Checks.  There is no processing fee for in person checks delivered to city hall.  Please make checks payable to the "City of Sun Prairie". 

- Cash.

Check or cash shall be in the exact amount for one record only. We are unable to process payments owed to other departments or for multiple records.

US Mail

- Checks.  There is no processing fee for checks mailed to city hall.  Please make checks payable to the "City of Sun Prairie".

Once payment is received we will release plans or issue the building permit. It is the property/home owner or permit applicant’s responsibility to contact us to schedule any necessary inspections. You will find a list of inspections specific to your project on your OpenGov dashboard, or a general list can also be found on our website.