What is OpenGov?


OpenGov is a 100% online web-based government software system. Completely online means 24/7 access, day or night you will be able to have access to your government’s portal. With this new software you will have the ability to track and review your applications and concerns in real time. OpenGov will allow for internal communication as well as customer communication all within one system. This new system will be a time saver eliminating many extra unneeded steps and processes . You will also have the ability to pay your fees at any time using OpenGov’s secure payment site. OpenGov will allow for a more transparent system which allows us to uphold our standard to serve our community to the best of our ability!


Making an Account344AAF4A-E9DF-463D-9824-A3CDA781FE59

To make a basic account all you need is your email and to create a password.


Your account email and the applicants email MUST be the same in order to have access to the permit record.

Once you have set up an account you may add your first and last name then your address. Simply click “My Account” then click “Profile” in the left column. 

Link to account sign up:

Permit Applications

Please note that the application submission is not an approval to begin work. Work on a project may only begin after the application has been approved, payment has been made, and a valid permit has been issued.

Once your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed for completeness. If it is deemed complete, it will be assessed by the Building Department as well as other city departments simultaneously.

New 1 & 2 Family Construction:  E29DDBED-D431-4721-ABB7-3040348C0965 Opens in new window


Minor Work for one- and two-family homes:


Freestanding buildings and structures:


Report a Concern

1. On the OpenGov homepage you will have the option to select "Report a Concern"

concern 1

2. Under the Apply Online selection click "Select"

concern 2

3. Select "Apply Online"

concern 3

4. Fill out the application per your concern

concern 4

5. Select "Upload" to attach any pictures or documents you would like to share related to your concern. Once finished select "Next"

concern 56. On this page you will have the opportunity to review and edit your application. Once you are ready to submit click "Confirm and Submit"

concern 6



View the link below to see how to make a payment using OpenGov’s secure payment process:


If you wish to pay with cash or check please contact the Building Inspection Division. You may drop off payments at City Hall or you can mail them in.  City Hall 300 S. Main St Sun Prairie, WI 53590

Live Updates094C3477-E9D7-437A-8092-2EAF83F083A4_4_5005_c

1. Select "My Account" in the top right-hand update 1

2. Your account homepage will show you any required actions you need to complete. To view the status of your permit, select the applications tab on the left column. 

live update 23. Select the application you’d like to view; in the left column it will show the permit steps. 

The steps in green are completed. 

The steps in blue are available to complete. 

The steps in gray are not available to be completed yet.

live update 3 Messages:

In your account homepage you will see a "messages" tab, click on this to view any messages you have received from the Building Inspection team regarding your permits.

live updates 4

Inspection Requests

Once you have paid for your permit, you can schedule your inspections. 

1. Select the inspection type you would like to schedule.


For this example we will do a final construction inspection.


 2. Select request inspection.


3. Select the date you would like the inspection, in the comments section you can add if you would prefer an AM or PM inspection. (AM inspections will be between 9:00am and 12:00pm and PM inspections will be between 1:00pm and 3:00pm). Then select submit request.


If you fail the initial inspection you must request a re-inspection. The process is the same for a re-inspection as it was for the initial inspection. 

61540E15-F864-4D64-9D39-994C25B5138E A re-inspection fee will be applied if we come to the inspection you scheduled and you are not ready or if we have to do a second re-inspection for the same permit. 

Inspection Results

When selecting the inspection you'd like to view you will see at the bottom of the screen "Inspection Checklist" this will tell you if fail or pass based on the results of your inspection.