Building Inspection (1)

      When you think of the Building Inspection and Code Enforcement Department you probably think permits, right? Issuing permits and performing inspections, while at the center of our department, is definitely not all we do. Our inspectors enforce the State of Wisconsin Building Code Statues and city ordinances.

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*Important News and Updates*

  • Please click on the link below to see days and times where there may be inspection service interruption such as holidays when city offices are closed. Click here to view the calendar.

  • Snow and ice must be removed from sidewalks within 24 hours after snowfall ends. Sidewalks that are walkways for school children should be cleared as soon as possible.  

  • PLEASE CONTACT THE DIVISION ASAP IF THERE IS ANY COVID-19 CONCERNS ON YOUR PROJECT in order not to put inspectors at unnecessary risk.  We have more than one instance now where there have been COVID cases on construction sites, and our office was not notified in advance.  Do your part to keep everyone as safe as possible and please let us know when something is going on.  We won’t and don’t need any specific information, just a head’s up that it is an at risk situation.  Communication is key!  

Do I need a permit? 

Many projects and additions in and around your home require city approval. Permits are required to ensure the integrity of the work and the safety of your home. Inspections (roughs and finals) should be scheduled with our office as work progresses and when the work has been completed. Inspections protect you by verifying any finished work is safe and meets statewide statutes and city ordinances. Completing and passing final inspections is the only way to close a permit on your property.

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Permit Process & Fees

  • Fee schedule for flat rate project permits
  • New construction/ addition/ alteration building groups, new construction and addition permits,
  • Alteration and repair permits
  • Miscellaneous fees, and impact development or other fees charged at time of permitting


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Inspection Requests  

Inspections are required with any project that requires a building permit. These inspections take place before, during and after the project to verify that the people performing the work are complying with all applicable Codes.

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Once a Permit has been approved, fees must be paid and the permit issued before a project can begin, or inspections can be scheduled.  Commercial plan reviews must be paid at the time of approvals.

Payment options are:

  • Online (Preferred) 
  • In person
  • US mail 

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Property Maintenance  

It is intended to protect the public health, safety and welfare. These standards apply to all property in the city, owner occupied or rental property. We investigate complaints regarding violation of the code and may issue orders for corrective action. Most violations could be prevented by following a few basic principles.

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FAQs (3)

*Please allow 7-10 business days for permit applications to be approved after all submittals are received. Applications are processed in the order they are received.*