Sewer Main Cleaning

Commitment to Service

We're committed to providing our customers with uninterrupted sewer service. To accomplish this, we must periodically clean the sewer main that is located deep below the street.

A Vacuum truck working in a city

The sewer main transports the wastewater from your home to the treatment facility where it is treated and eventually discharged to Koshkonong Creek. Our Vacuum Cleaning Trucks will periodically block city streets to accomplish this task.

How it Works

To clean the sewer main, we use a combination high pressure/vacuum cleaning truck. A hose is fed through a manhole until it reaches the upstream manhole. The water pressure is increased as the hose is reeled back towards the truck.

The nozzle located on front of the hose, scours the inside of the pipe effectively removing grease and debris from the main. The debris that is cleaned from the main is vacuumed out at the downstream manhole.

Water Backup

Sometimes, when the main is cleaned, water from your lateral may come out through the floor drain or toilet. If this happens, please contact the wastewater treatment facility at 608-837-6292. We will conduct an inspection of your home and try to determine why you experienced the backup.