Sewer Backups

Preventing Sewer Backups

Heavy rainfall can increase flows in the sanitary sewer collection system. This can cause the system to become overloaded, increasing the risk of sewer backups which can create a real mess in your home, not to mention a health hazard.

How You can Help

We need your help in removing this excessive water. You can help by making sure that your downspouts and rain gutters on your home or business aren't plugged with leaves. If they are plugged, water in the gutters overflows next to your building foundation and will eventually find its way into your basement.

Sump Pumps

If you have a home with a sump pump, make sure that the pump is not connected to your basement floor drain as this can also cause the sanitary sewer system and treatment plant to become overloaded.

City ordinance requires that this water should be pumped to the outside of your home or business. Make sure that you have a long enough pipe to keep the water away from your building foundation. Also, make sure that the water you are pumping from your house does not end up in your neighbor's back yard.