Property Inspections

Inspections help us to effectively maintain up to date property record data. The state requires that valuations be based on actually viewing the property or from the best information available.


Assessors and authorized staff are permitted by Wisconsin State Statutes 943.13 and 943.15 to enter private property to perform assessments, however they may only do so once per year unless the owner consents (See Section 70.05(4m), Wisconsin Statutes).

Types of Inspections

The Assessor's staff conducts 4 types of inspections.

Sale Inspections

Typically we send out letters requesting an interior Sale Inspection. However, if the property is new or we have not had a response to our request to inspect we will conduct an Exterior Inspection, leaving a tag to let you know we were at the property and if we are requesting a scheduled inspection.

Exterior Inspections

An Exterior Inspection is conducted when we receive a building permit for exterior work such as, decks, porches, additions, etc. We also conduct Exterior Inspections if we need to verify Property Record information or if we have had a no response to our request for Sale or Interior Inspections. Measurements and photos are typically taken during Exterior Inspections. We will always announce ourselves before conducting such an inspection. If no one is home or responds to our knock we complete our inspection and leave a tag telling the property owner we were there and why.

Interior Inspections

Interior Inspections are requested when a building permit has been issued for interior work. Once again, we typically send a letter requesting an Interior Inspection. Interior Inspections may also be requested if we have knowledge that the interior of a property has undergone change.

Maintenance Inspections

The most accurate assessment is achieved by allowing the Assessor inside your property when an inspection is requested.  When an inspection is not allowed during the field review process, the Assessor will attempt to update the records by using any and all available information. Observation from the exterior and any other indications of condition will be considered.

Written Request Refusal

No person shall be allowed to appear before the Board of Review, or to contest the amount of any assessment of real or personal property if they have refused a reasonable written request by certified mail of the assessor to view the property, 70.47(7)(aa), Wisconsin Statutes.

Property Review Request

See our Forms section to print a Request for Review form.