Exempt Property

All real property and business personal property is assessable in the State of Wisconsin unless specifically exempted by state law (Section 70.11, Statutes).

Property Tax Exemption Request

Property owners seeking an exemption from property taxes must file a Property Tax Exemption Request (Form PR-230) (PDF) with the local Assessor.

Tax Exemption Report

All owners of exempt property in the City of Sun Prairie (as defined in Section 70.11 Statutes) must file a Tax Exemption Report (Form PC-220) (PDF) or a Multi-Parcel Tax Exemption Report (Form PC-220A) (PDF) during each even-numbered year. This form should be completed by the property owner or representative and filed with the City Clerk by March 31.

Report Changes

Exempt property owners are required to report any changes in the ownership or use of the property to the City Assessor when the change occurs.