Our Mission

To assess taxable residential and commercial real and personal property fairly and accurately in accordance with Wisconsin State Statutes and the Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual; the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) assesses all manufacturing real and personal property.  It is our duty to be ambassadors of the City; we will treat everyone we encounter with courtesy and respect.  Furthermore, it is our responsibility to provide valuable, responsive, and cost-effective services to the citizens of Sun Prairie.

assessing photo 2023

2023 Revaluation

2023 will be a revaluation year for all properties in the City of Sun Prairie and the Assessors Office will be changing all assessments to reflect market value on all properties as of January 1. Market value is determined using the arms-length sales that have occurred in Sun Prairie.

The Assessors Office will be reviewing descriptions on all properties. We will NOT be doing interior inspections on all properties. We anticipate  the 2023 values to be sent out in June/July. Please note that increasing the assessed values does not mean everyone will have higher taxes. 

Recent Assessed Values

  • 2022 Assessed Value of the City of Sun Prairie is $4,009,822,300

Did you know?

Here are some facts and sources to help better understand assessing in the area:  

  • Last update of values in Sun Prairie was 2020.
  • Values will be updated in 2023 to reflect market value as of January 2023
  • Average increase in residential property in Dane County in 2020 was 6% (Wisconsin Realtors Association)
  • Average increase in residential property in Dane Co in 2021 and 2022 was 11.2% and 9.7% (Wisconsin Realtors Association)
  • Your assessment is determined by the sales of similar properties

Property Information

To access a one-stop property information resource, please click here

Residential Sales (2021 - 2022)

Helpful Resources

Neighborhood Map

Neighborhood Area Map (PDF): Map depicts single family residential neighborhood groups.

Neighborhood Assessment Districts: This simple web application was created for public viewing purposes. To access the map, please click the link and pick on a parcel to see all the Assessment Districts associated with it.