K9 Eragon

xp 5.5 Jason Lingle and Eragon


Police K9 Eragon Laroja was born just outside the City of Ceske Budejovice in the Czech Republic on March 8, 2019. Eragon is a purebred German Shepherd Dog, black and tan in color. Instructors from the Shallow Creek Kennels located in Sharpsville, Pennsylvania flew to the Czech Republic and hand selected Eragon to come to their K9 and Handler School to be trained as a multipurpose law enforcement K9. Eragon was selected based upon his drive, social aptitude, and overall ability to adapt and learn in changing environments.

Next, Eragon was flown to the United States where he was picked up with other future police K9s and transported to Shallow Creek Kennels to begin their 3-month long training course. Eragon’s instructors all had prior Police K9 or Military K9 experience.

During this time, K9 Eragon was trained in apprehensions, building searches, tracking, narcotic detection, and handler protection.

In April of 2020, the Sun Prairie Police Department began the search for a Police K9 Kennel to send the next Sun Prairie Police Handler to. It was decided that Shallow Creek Kennels would be where the K9 would be selected from, and where the handler would be trained at.

In May of 2020, the Sun Prairie Police Department interviewed officers for the position of K9 Handler. The command staff of the department selected Officer Jason Lingle to be the next K9 handler. During the same month, Officer Jason Lingle went to Shallow Creek Kennels where he had the choice from over ten K9 candidates.

Officer Lingle chose K9 Eragon based upon specific traits and drives that were observed during training scenarios. K9 Eragon remained at the kennel to continue his training. Then, on June 22, 2020, Officer Lingle and K9 Eragon began Shallow Creek Kennels K9 academy together as a team.

Spending approximately 12 hours a day together, at the academy, K9 Officer Lingle and K9 Eragon developed a very close bond. During the six-week academy, both K9 Officer Lingle and K9 Eragon certified in patrol duties, handler protection, obedience, building searches, area searches, tracking, criminal apprehensions, and K9 control.

Additionally, K9 Eragon became certified in narcotic detection and the K9 team became certified through NAPWDA (North American Police Working Dog Association).

K9 Officer Lingle and Police K9 Eragon graduated the Shallow Creek Kennel academy in August of 2020.

K9 Eragon will be annually certified through NAPWDA. K9 Officer Jason Lingle and K9 Eragon consistently train in obedience, patrol duties, handler protection, building searches, area searches, tracking, apprehension, K9 control and narcotic detection. The team trains over 24 hours each month.

Twice a month, K9 Officer Lingle and Police K9 Eragon meet with the Madison Area K9 training group (MAK9). MAK9 consists of teams from Sun Prairie PD, Verona PD, Middleton PD, Fitchburg PD, Maple Bluff PD, University of Wisconsin PD, Town of Madison PD, Monona PD, and Stoughton PD.

During the two MAK9 meets, the K9 teams experience training that exposes them to applicable patrol situations that they may encounter while working. The training areas and scenarios change routinely to allow the teams to be prepared for diverse situations.

K9 Eragon has proven to be a valuable member of the Sun Prairie Police Department. He works well in all situations where he has been deployed and enjoys being around the other Officers while on police calls and around the office.

If you see both K9 Officer Lingle and K9 Eragon out in the community, please stop and say “Hello” to our K9 team.