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Vacation Notification

  1. If you will be out of town for a period of time and are requesting extra patrol for your residence, please notify the Sun Prairie Police Department by filling out the form below.

    Please fill out the form and submit at least 1 week prior to when you will be out of town or on vacation.

    Disclaimer: Notifications will be assigned to district officers based on the location of the notification. Please note they will attempt to drive through the area paying attention to any suspicious activity at the house or surrounding area. They may not necessarily get out of the squad to check the properties. The availability to patrol the area will be based on shift activity and there is no guarantee that an officer will be able to consistently check the area during the time the person(s) are on away from the home.

  2. Please provide an emergency phone number where the homeowner can be reached.

  3. Is the home alarmed?

  4. Is the alarm permit on file?

  5. Please provide the make, color and plate information for vehicle(s) located on your premises. Specify if the vehicle(s) will be in the garage or in the driveway.

  6. Have you stopped mail and/or newspaper services?*

    Note: It is good to stop mail and/or newspaper services so it does not pile up and indicate that the home is currently vacant.

  7. Please provide the name, phone number and vehicle information for subject checking your residence or staying at your residence while you are gone (family, friend, neighbor, etc.).

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