Mayor and City Council Members

There are a total of eight City Council Members and the Mayor. Two alders are elected from each of the four districts that make up the City of Sun Prairie. Terms for Council Members are two years, and are staggered so one Council position from each district is open in any given local election. The Mayor is also elected to a two year term. See below for more information on the Mayor and Council Members.


Paul T. Esser

Phone Number: (608) 825-1164

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Mayor Esser Bio (PDF)

MAYOR 2015 Esser   WEB

District 1 (SE Quadrant):

Theresa McIlroy

Phone: (608) 354-8513

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Alder McIlroy Bio (PDF)

Portrait of Terry McIlroy

District 1 (SE Quadrant):

Steve Stocker

Phone: (608) 354-8511

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Alder Stocker Bio (PDF)


District 2 (NE Quadrant):

Bob Jokisch

Phone: (608) 354-5553

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Alder Jokisch Bio (PDF)

Portrait of Bob Jokisch

District 2 (NE Quadrant):

Brent Eisberner

Phone: (608) 206-3916 

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Alder Eisberner Bio (PDF)

Brent Eisberner

District 3 (SW Quadrant):

Maureen Crombie

Phone: (608) 669-7058

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Alder Crombie Bio (PDF)


District 3 (SW Quadrant):

Mike Jacobs

Phone: (608) 438-6983

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Alder Jacobs Bio (PDF)

D3 Jacobs M  web

District 4 (NW Quadrant):

Faustina Bohling

Phone: (608) 772-8002

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Alder Bohling Bio (Bio to come)

District 4 (NW Quadrant):

David Virgell

Phone: (608) 512-9115 

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Alder Virgell Bio (PDF)

Faustina Bohling
David Virgell