Public Safety Committee

The Public Safety Committee consists of five members. Three of the seats are filled by current Alders and two of the seats are reserved for citizen members:

  1. Alder Theresa McIlroy (Chair)
  2. Alder Brent Eisberner
  3. Alder David Virgell
  4. Brenda Yang (Citizen Member)
  5. Matt Harms (Citizen Member)


Some of the responsibilities of the Public Safety Committee include:

  • Oversight of public safety services, which include: Police, EMS, fire, emergency management, dispatch center, crossing guards and building inspection
  • Review and recommend approval or denial of licenses and permits required by the city for special events
  • Develop and recommend policies and plans regarding public safety issues
  • Serve as the forum to discuss concerns raised by citizens regarding public safety related matters
  • Consider the enactment, implementation and enforcement of any criminal, traffic, fire, building, public nuisance or other such codes, ordinances or resolutions appropriate to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the public and make recommendations to city council
  • Consider any other matters referred to the committee by the common council or committee of the whole

A detailed listing of the duties of the Public Safety Committee can be found under Section 2.08.050 of the Municipal Code

Meeting Agendas

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Meeting Minutes

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