About Sun Prairie Fire & Rescue

The Sun Prairie Fire & Rescue Company Inc. (SPF&R) is an independent 501C3 nonprofit firefighting corporation. SPF&R contracts as a Firefighting and All Hazards Response Organization that provides protection to the City of Sun Prairie, and The North East Dane County Fire Unit (NEDFU) which represents The Towns of Bristol, Burke, & Sun Prairie.

The Sun Prairie Fire & Rescue Company is classified as a combination department and carries a Class 2 ISO rating. SPF&R Currently has 19 Full-time employees, 6 Part-time employees and 50 Paid on Premise (POP)/Volunteer Firefighters.

SPF&R staff two fire stations 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Staffing consists of Full Time shifts from 6am to 6pm and POP/Volunteer shifts from 6pm to 6am.


  • Paid on Premise Firefighters: 55
  • Career Firefighters: 18
  • Administrative Asst:  1
  • LTE Firefighters: 7
  • Area Served: 94 square miles in the City of Sun Prairie, Town of Burke, Town of Bristol, Town of Sun Prairie, Town of Hampden
  • Population Served: ~43,000

History of the Fire Department

history pic

The Sun Prairie Fire Department was founded in 1891. You can read an overview of history (PDF) from when the department celebrated its centennial in 1991. 

In the years since the article was written the department continues to move forward. Every year new technology and tactics are put in place making this community safer for the residents and for the firefighters protecting it.