Related Boards, Commissions, & Committees

The City has a variety of mayor-appointed boards, commissions, and committees made up of citizens and elected officials that provide recommendations to the City Council. Below are the transportation-related groups:

  • Transit Commission – The Transit Commission makes recommendations regarding multi-modal transportation options and associated infrastructure. The Commission also oversees the Shared-Ride Taxi service.
  • Public Works Committee – The Public Works Committee makes recommendations regarding items such as traffic-related matters, drive openings, parking, acceptance of street improvements, and easements and right-of-way acquisition/changes. The Committee also serves as a forum to discuss concerns raised by citizens and address matters referred by City Council or Committee of the Whole.
  • Bike Subcommittee of the Transit Commission – The Bike Subcommittee provides recommendations to the Transit Commission regarding bicycle-related needs within the community and provides solutions on how to implement bicycle-related plans.
  • Ad-Hoc Steering Committee on Transportation – The now-retired Ad-Hoc Steering Committee on Transportation was created to assess the transportation needs of Sun Prairie and recommend potential solutions. The committee issued a final report (PDF).