Sand Barrel Locations

Barrels containing a mixture of sand and salt for use on public sidewalks are available at the following locations:

  • Bird Street at St. Albert the Great Drive/Tower Drive Campfire Drive at North Musket Ridge Drive
  • Columbus Street at Church Street
  • Edmonton Drive at North Heatherstone Drive
  • Fountain Drive at Sunny Valley Park
  • Harvest Lane at Timber Ridge
  • Hill Street at Dewey Street
  • Kelvington Drive at Westmount Drive
  • East MacArthur Street at North Bristol Street
  • West MacArthur Street at North Street
  • Main Street at O'Keeffe Avenue
  • Main Street at Ruby Lane
  • Main Street at Walker Way
  • North Musket Ridge Drive at Harvest Lane
  • Pennsylvania Avenue at Thompson Road
  • Town Hall Drive at Prairie Rose Drive
  • Vine Street - Just North of City Hall
  • Windsor Street at Broadway Drive
  • Windsor Street at North Street