Snow & Ice - Winter Parking Info

When Winter Conditions Hit, We Need Your Help

You can help keep our streets safe during the snow season by following the winter parking regulations. The less traffic our snowplow drivers encounter, the faster and more efficiently they can clear the streets.

The City of Sun Prairie has 2 winter parking regulations residents should be familiar with.

Snow Emergency

When the city declares a 'Snow Emergency', parking is prohibited on all city streets until the Snow Emergency has been canceled or it expires.

Per city ordinance there is a $50 fine for violations. Call the Public Works Department at 608-837-3050 to find out if a 'Snow Emergency' has been announced. Sun Prairie Police Department offer Snow Emergency alerts via Nixle.


Parking is prohibited on Snow Routes from midnight to 7 a.m. beginning December 1 through March 31, regardless of whether there is any snow on the ground. Per city ordinance there is a $50 fine for violations.

Snow Routes are the 1st to be cleared because they are used by emergency vehicles. These routes are clearly marked throughout the city.

The Snow Routes

Here is a list of snow routes:

  • Bird Street, in its Entirety Within the Corporate Limits
  • Blackwolf Trail, north of Stonehaven Drive to its terminus
  • Blankenheim Lane from Chase Boulevard, Northerly to Hanley Drive
  • Blue Aster Boulevard from Grande Avenue east to terminus
  • Blue Heron Boulevard in its Entirety
  • North Bristol Street, from Windsor Street Northerly to the Corporate Limits
  • South Bristol Street, from Main Street Southerly to Linnerud Drive
  • Broadway Drive from Wyoming Avenue to Stonehaven Drive
  • Capitol Drive in its entirety
  • Chase Boulevard from Dewey Street, Easterly to Blankenheim Drive
  • North City Station Drive in its entirety
  • South City Station Drive in its entirety
  • Clara Street from Columbus Street, Easterly to North Musket Ridge
  • Clarmar Drive from West Main Street, Southerly to Percheron Trail
  • Columbus Street, from Main Street northEasterly to corporate limits
  • Crystal Lane from Emerald Terrace, Easterly to North Walker Way
  • Davison Drive from State Trunk Highway 19, Southerly to Emerald Terrace
  • Dewey Street from East Main Street, Northerly to Chase Boulevard
  • Eddington Drive, in its Entirety
  • Emerald Terrace from Davison Drive, Westerly to Crystal Lane
  • Grove Street, from East Main Street Southerly to the Corporate Limits
  • Hanley Drive from Blankenheim Drive, Easterly to Woodview Drive
  • Harvard Drive from Major Way, Easterly to South Bird Street
  • Hawthorn Drive from Grove Street to South Musket Ridge Drive
  • Innovation Way in its entirety
  • Klubertanz Drive from Summit Avenue, Easterly to Columbus Street
  • Linnerud Drive from Market Street, Southerly and Westerly to O'Keeffe Avenue
  • Main Street in its Entirety
  • Major Way from Sunfield Street, Northerly to Harvard Drive
  • Market Street, from Park Street Northerly to East Main Street
  • North Musket Ridge Drive from Laura Street to East Main Street
  • South Musket Ridge Drive from East Main Street to Sweet Grass Drive
  • O'Keeffe Avenue, from West Main Street to White Oak Drive
  • O'Keeffe Avenue, from Reiner Road Westerly to its Terminus
  • Park Street, from Grove Street Westerly to Market Street
  • Pilgrim Trail in its entirety
  • Spring Street from Brooks Drive to Blue Aster Boulevard
  • State Trunk Highway 19, from the East Corporate Limits Westerly to the West Corporate Limits
  • Steven Street, from Vandenburg Street to Edgemore Drive
  • Stonehaven Drive, from North Bristol Street to North Bird Street and from Broadway Drive to Highway C
  • Summit Avenue from Bird Street Easterly to West Klubertanz Drive
  • Sunfield Street from O'Keeffe Avenue, Easterly to Major Way
  • Thomas Drive from Blankenheim Lane, Easterly to Pilgrim Trail
  • Thompson Road from West Main Street North to its Terminus
  • Tower Drive from North Bristol Street to North Bird Street
  • Triumph Drive in its Entirety
  • Vandenburg Street from Steven Street, Easterly to North Bird Street
  • North Walker Way from Crystal Lane, Southerly to West Main Street
  • North Westmount Drive in its Entirety
  • Wilburn Road, from North Bristol Street east to Columbus Street
  • Woodview Drive, from Hanley Drive Northerly to its Terminus

Note: Ignore the ordinances and you may find your car ticketed and/or towed!

Snow Route Map (PDF)

Alternate Side Parking

Alternate side parking is in effect from November 15 to March 31 on Wyoming Avenue.