Westside Plan

In 2003 the Plan Commission and City Council approved the Westside Neighborhood Plan to guide future development of lands surrounding and north of the USH 151 / Grand Avenue interchange, which was completed in 2006. With the opening of the interchange the Westside has become the primary growth area for Sun Prairie.


The Westside Plan calls for the development of a high quality neighborhood with a broad range of land uses. Although the economic downturn in recent years has slowed the development of this area, more recently the Westside has seen an increase in the level of development activity and interest among the development community - particularly retail development. It is anticipated that the Westside will continue to be the city's primary growth area over the next decade or 2.


The Westside Plan has been amended several times since it's initial adoption, and in 2009 the land use recommendations were incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan with a few more modifications. However, the general direction and development concepts included in the Westside Plan are still valid and are being used to guide decision making for this area of the City.