Solar Resources for Residents & Businesses

Solar Potential

Factors that may affect your property's potential for solar include the amount of sunlight your roof receives, available square footage of your roof, the property's location, and other factors. It is also important to understand your facility's electric usage, so you can select a solar array size that fits your energy needs. Typically you can access your electric usage at your utility's website.

Two useful tools for understanding your property's solar potential are Project Sunroof, where you can leverage Google Earth images of your property, and PV Watts Calculators, where you can estimate the performance of a potential PV project.



Financing & Incentives

Typically, individuals and businesses pay for solar installations through a combination of financing and incentives.

Resources for homeowners:

Resources for Businesses and Nonprofits:

Permitting & Inspection

The City of Sun Prairie is proud to announce its partnership with SolarAPP+ which is a platform developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory that streamlines the permitting process for solar PV on one- and two-story family homes. SolarAPP+-qualified projects are approved instantaneously, allowing solar PV owners to get their systems online quicker. Non-SolarAPP+ projects have an expected review time of 7-10 business days. Relevant links to begin the solar PV permitting process are provided below.

Finding a Solar Installer

solar install

Solar Zoning Ordinance

As part of the SolSmart designation process, Sun Prairie has worked hard to reduce and eliminate barriers and restrictions related to solar in the Title 17 Zoning Ordinance. View the ordinance here.