Language Assistance Services

Language Services

The City of Sun Prairie is committed to providing equal access to services to all members of our community, including those with limited English proficiency.

Community members with limited-English proficiency are encouraged to complete the public language service request form below for additional language assistance when requesting City services. These language services are free of charge and performed by qualified City staff and/or a third-party language services company. Due to time and resources these services are provided for City business only, and shall not extend to other organizationsBelow are language services that City staff are able to perform.

  • Translating/Interpretation (in-person, virtual, telephone)
  • Translating/Interpretation promotional items such as, flyers, informational, presentations

Important Note: Requests to translate/interpret legal documents, large documents/reports, extensive surveys, contracts, legal documentation, court hearings, and legal and formal documentation of public hearing/session will be referred to a third-party language service company.

For HMONG, click here: Language Services Request in Hmong