Election Official (formerly Poll Worker)

Why be an Election Official?

Election Officials, or Poll Workers, facilitate the right to vote and maintain order at the polls on Election Day.  They ensure that our elections are open, fair, impartial, and trusted.


One of the most rewarding ways to become involved in the election process is to become an Election Official.  The City of Sun Prairie is always looking for citizens interested in becoming Election Official.  



Applying to be an Election Official

In order to be an Election Official, you will need to print and complete the Election Official Packet (PDF).


*If you wish to volunteer your time, you do not need to complete the Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization form or attach a voided check.


Once the Election Official Packet has been completed, it can be mailed to the City Clerk's Office or dropped off in person. Our address is 300 E Main Street, Sun Prairie, WI 53590.


How do I know if I will be working an election?

The Clerk's Office will send interest letters via email to eligible Election Officials about 6 weeks prior to each election. Using the link provided in the email, you can indicate if you are able to work, which shift you would prefer, and the polling location where you would like to work. While we try to schedule workers for their preferred shifts and locations, we are not always able to accommodate the requests. We need to keep a balance of new and experienced workers for each shift and location.


Duties include setting up the polling place, registering voters, issuing ballots, recording who votes, monitoring the election equipment, completing Election Day forms, tallying write-in votes, and closing the polls.

Qualifications to serve as an Election Official:

Be an eligible voter in Dane County (an adult U.S. citizen who has resided in Dane County for at least 28 days, and not disqualified from voting)

  • Attend training
  • Ability to effectively work well with multicultural populations
  • Pay close attention to detail
  • Speak, read, write, and understand English
  • Be capable of performing each task at the polling place
  • Work well with others
  • Perform duties in a non-partisan manner
  • Abide by state and federal election laws
  • Never engage in electioneering at the polling place
  • Treat all voters with respect
  • Treat Election Officials and Clerk’s Office employees with respect
  • Be free from the influence of alcohol and/or drugs while at the polls

Election Official Training Videos

The Clerk's Office has created training videos for our Election Officials, which are viewable on our website at all times.  The videos are available below and will be updated as needed. 


These videos are divided into 2 categories: Badger Book and New Election Officials.  

Badger Book Training Videos:  

  1. 13 total videos
  2. Each video lasts between 3-5 minutes
  3. Will familiarize the viewer with using the Badger Books (electronic poll books)

New Election Official Training Videos:  

  1. 8 total videos
  2. Each video lasts between 3-5 minutes
  3. Will familiarize the viewer with each station that is used on Election Day

Badger Book Training Videos

New Election Official Training Videos

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