Hello, and welcome to the
Sun Prairie City Clerk’s website!

Attention Residents
If you have a general service inquiry or need assistance from City staff, please call rather than visit. We can be reached at 837-2511. We likely can complete your request or transaction without face-to-face interaction.

City Hall is open, however, if possible, please conduct your business without face-to-face contact with City staff. This caution is in the best interest of the community.

The City of Sun Prairie Clerk’s Office is the gateway to open and accessible government. We are dedicated to representing democracy by ensuring the integrity of open government and the election process by enhancing open, fair, impartial, and trusted government. We serve the citizens of Sun Prairie through a variety of services.

Other Responsibilities

The department is also responsible for the preparation of agendas, ordinances, resolutions, and proclamations for consideration and approval by the Common Council. Various licenses and permits that fall under the realm of the City Clerk are issued in accordance with state statutes and city ordinance. The office is committed to the implementation of the election process in accordance with federal law and state statutes and policy, while delivering election services that meet the voter’s needs and are delivered fairly, impartially, transparently, and accurately.

The Clerk’s Office ensures the preparation of legal notices for publication and posting, and also recording and filing items with various state and county agencies. The Clerk’s Office implements the Open Records Law, while providing information to the public and performing the duties required by Chapter 62.09, Section 11 of the Wisconsin State Statutes (except paragraphs d, g, and l).

Draft Public Needs Assessment Report

Click Here to view/print the Draft Public Needs Assessment report associated with an upcoming update to the City’s Park Impact Fee, Parkland Dedication requirements, and Fee in Lieu of Parkland Dedication. (June 9 public hearing scheduled).