Suburban Industrial Zoning

Suburban Industrial Ordinance

The City of Sun Prairie has adopted an ordinance related to the design standards for the Suburban Industrial (SI) zoning district, which replaces the Business Park Covenants - previously enforced by the Business Park Covenants Committee. The standards apply to all properties in the SI district, not just the Sun Prairie Business Park.


In 2016, staff started an effort to convert the Business Park design guidelines into ordinance standards. The design guidelines are part of the covenants associated with several business park plats, and over the years have been enforced privately by the Business Park Covenants Committee. The issue is that the current Covenants Committee is set to dissolve, and rather than recruit new members for the few lots that are left to develop, they requested the City begin enforcing the standards. Instead of creating a new City committee, an ordinance amendment was undertaken. The new ordinance addresses the design aspect of the SI zoning district that was a major part of the covenants for the Business Park. Many other topics within the Covenants were already part of the City Ordinance.