Holiday Tree Curbside Collection

Holiday trees will be collected curbside on the following 2024 dates:

    • Week of January 3 (Wednesday)
    • Week of January 8 (Monday)

All trees from residential housing, condominiums, multi-family units, schools, churches, and businesses will be included in the collection.

Tree Collection Rules

Please follow these simple rules for holiday tree collection:

  • Set out by 7 a.m.
  • Trees should be placed curbside with the cut end facing the street for collection.
  • Everything should be removed from the tree (ornaments, lights, wires, garland, tinsel, etc.).
  • Do not bag the tree.
  • Wreaths and rope materials, due to their wire content should be placed in your refuse cart for collection.
  • Please keep tree(s) clear of snow.
  • The crews collect city-wide beginning on those days. Depending on the number of trees out and size of the crew we have collecting, it can take a few days to complete but do not count on this because we only travel each street once. Also, if snow or rain fall, we will clear that first as it is a potential safety concern. Please be patient and we will get out to you.

Late Set Outs

If trees are not placed out for collection by the 2nd collection date (January 8), residents are responsible for disposal. We will not collect late set outs.