Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Goal Implementation


On November 7, 2021 at the Youth & Families Commission, the following goal for 2021-22 was passed: Develop, facilitate, and fund a program to involve students, preferably minority students, to have a voice and outlet to work within the community and interest them in local government.

On  November 16, 2021 Katina Maclin, Vice-Chair; Mary Ellen Havel-Lang, Chair; Sandy Xiong, Sun Prairie Strategic Planning & Engagement Manager; and Jake King, Sun Prairie Communications and Diversity Strategist, met and offer the following as an implementation plan.


  • Jay Chaterjee - Adult Member Co-Chair 
  • Ashton Edwards - Student Member Co-Chair 


The Commission will be responsible for establishing a sub-committee to include:

  • Commission members
  • Partners:
    • Community Schools
    • Sun Prairie Area School District
    • City staff
  •  The sub-committee will be responsible for identifying opportunities for students, including:
    • Volunteer opportunities 
    • Paid opportunities 
    • Identify and/or create projects with partners 
    • Identify budget needs
    • Identify recruitment plan 
    • Identify measurements to evaluate success 
    • Report progress to the Commission monthly. 


We are still recruiting for this subcommittee. If you are interested in this opportunity , please contact Jay Chaterjee, Adult Member Co-Chair of the subcommittee, at jay62728@gmail.com