January 20, 2022

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Administration: Two grant applications have been submitted to the Energy Innovation Grant Program of the Office of Energy Innovation |Public Service Commission (PSC) of Wisconsin.

Community Development: The City of Sun Prairie will be celebrating the 74th Annual Sun Prairie Groundhog Day Prognostication ceremony Wednesday, February 2 in Downtown Sun Prairie’s Cannery Square. 

Finance:  Just a reminder that the 1st installment of property taxes are due on Monday, January 31!

Parks, Recreation and Forestry: Join us for the First Annual Frozen Fun Prairie Cardboard Sled Classic! 

Public Safety: Check out some of the data from Sun Prairie Police Department's involvement in the "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" campaign. 

Sun Prairie Media Center:  Join In Action Productions, in collaboration with the Sun Prairie Media Center, is pleased to announce a new project soon to air on KSUN: Voices of Experience (VOE).

Sun Prairie Public Library: We're offering a lot of great programming during these cold months. Check it out in our section!


Sustainability Update - Energy Innovation Grant Program (EIGP) Applications Submitted

Energy Innovation Grant Program (EIGP) Applications 

Two grant applications have been submitted to the Energy Innovation Grant Program of the Office of Energy Innovation |Public Service Commission (PSC) of Wisconsin. Both applications have been accepted and are currently under review. The City plans to hear back on whether fund have been awarded for either or both projects in mid-March.

Sustainability update! Opens in new windowWastewater Recovery Campus Solar PV Installation

This project would result in the largest Solar PV/renewable energy generation facility in Sun Prairie, with a total system size of 400 kW. The City of Sun Prairie is taking significant actions to reduce energy consumption and associated negative externalities across its municipal operations. In 2020 the City was awarded a collaborative grant by the OEI to create a Municipal Energy Plan. That plan was foundational to creating a strategy to identify, prioritize, and implement energy reduction projects. City staff have been working across departments to build off this strategy and implement successful projects. Logically, the Wastewater Treatment Plant campus is a high-impact area of focus; based on the energy plan the facility is the single largest consumer of energy and contributor of total CO2e emissions (31% of total city operations; streetlights is second at 22% followed by the fleet at 13%). The vision is to create a “Sustainable Wastewater Recovery Campus” that uses the latest technology and processes to provide innovative solutions that require far less energy and produce fewer negative externalities compared to existing processes. 

PSC Grant Request amount of $59,000 would go towards equipment installation and ensuring optimal size of Solar PV system, originally in the 350-400kW range this would guarantee funds to cover costs of a 400+kW system. Applicant Cost Share is made of up $600,000 originally budgeted for this project in the cities Capital Improvement Plan, in addition to Focus on Energy incentives ($71,000) and WPPI Energy incentives ($20,000). Total project cost includes all of these funding sources. The city will maximize system size using all available funds, noting that additional load could be added to the facility in the future (EV Charging, additional equipment capacity). Currently, a system over 400kW would have diminishing economic returns as electricity (kWh) sent back to the grid would be paid at the wholesale rate. 

To review the full application, please click here

City Hall Campus Energy Optimization & Electrification

Equipment budget for both PSC Grant Request and Applicant Cost Share were calculated based on four project components. Quotes were obtained for all associated equipment costs, and cost share was included to reflect budgeted amounts along with additional incentives. Both Focus on Energy and WPPI Energy incentives were provided by those parties as estimates based on the best available information. 1. Facility-wide LED Lighting Upgrade: Grant Amount ($15,000 for costlier LED fixtures/controls), Cost Share ($91,000 city budgeted based on quote + $4,500 Focus on Energy + $1,800 WPPI @ $.04/kWh), 2. HVAC System Controls Upgrade: Grant Amount (funds gap between quote $105,500 and city budgeted amount $35,000 = $70,500) Cost Share ($35,000 city budgeted amount for HVAC controls), 3. Building Inspection Cargo Van Electric Vehicle: Grant Amount ($18,000 for increment between budgeted vehicle and EV model) Cost Share ($30,000 for budgeted vehicle) 4. EV Charging Station Installation at City Hall Parking Lot: Grant Amount ($12,494 *2 for equipment, $3,000 * 2 for installation; installation offset by WPPI incentive = $27,988) Cost Share (WPPI incentive of $1,500 * 2 per charger = $3,000). 

The proposed project would be a comprehensive upgrade of this important municipal facility. The City of Sun Prairie is taking significant actions to reduce energy consumption and associated negative externalities across its municipal operations. Based on the city’s Municipal Energy Plan (included as a reference material and in Section 3.4.7) using 2018 data the facility consumed 609,824 kWh of electricity, 16,862 Therms of natural gas, emitted 554 metric tons of CO2e, had a total annual energy cost of $77,200, and accounted for 8% of total CO2e of municipal buildings/operations energy consumption. Additionally, many city vehicles are parked and operate out of this facility; the fleet as a whole accounted for 906 CO2e metric tons emitted and is 13% of total municipal energy consumption. City Hall is the primary hub of municipal operations, and houses a variety of key governmental functions (City of Sun Prairie Comprehensive Plan Chapter 4) ; 

Sun Prairie’s City Hall, located at 300 E. Main Street, was constructed in 1993 in downtown Sun Prairie. The building, which houses many of the City’s administrative offices and the Sun Prairie Police Department, has approximately 42,000 square feet of space. The administrative offices occupy the second floor and a portion of the first floor of the building. The Police Department occupies a portion of the first floor and the basement. The first floor includes the Treasurer’s Office, Building Inspection, a break room (undergoing renovations to include a lactation room), and a community meeting room. The second floor includes the Common Council Chambers, conference rooms, and staff offices 

This project aligns with the city’s effort to meet its Energy Independent Communities “25x25” goal, set in 2009 to generate 25% of electricity and transportation fuels from renewable resources by 2025. City staff are working with the Sun Prairie Sustainability Committee to strengthen this goal in 2022, and while not yet finalized is likely targeting a 100% clean electricity target for municipal operations by 2030. 

To review the full application, please click here

City Council Approves Contract with Prism Technical LLC for Equity Audit


On Tuesday, December 21, City Council approved a contract with Prism Technical LLC to move forward with an Organizational Equity Audit that will begin in January of 2022. This is another significant step the City is taking to honor its commitment of advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) for both employees and community members.

The priority areas of the audit will focus on:

· Building a more diverse and inclusive organization for employees and the community in which the City serves.

· Identifying blind spots and processes that perpetuate systemic injustice

· Identifying current successes, areas for improvement and recommendations/strategy in next steps for making concrete improvements in the areas of DEI.

The audit will be completed in a phased approach. Part one will focus on an internal organizational review that includes action items such as a senior leadership assessment, department focus groups, employee climate survey, and more. The second part will center on the community as it relates to equity in city services. This will include focus groups, community conversations, and other creative engagement projects to gather community feedback. Each phase will conclude with an analysis of collected data and strategy development. A final report of findings is expected to be complete in late 2022 that presents information gathered and ensures staff have the tools to identify a path forward as well as how to measure success.Screenshot (94)

The approval comes after nearly a year of staff developing a scope of work, releasing a request for proposals, and selecting a final vendor to enter into a contract with. The City received proposals from eight firms and formed an evaluation team that consisted of city staff and two community members. Submissions were evaluated on the following criteria: relevant experience and qualification of firms/references, quality of detailed scope of work proposal, quality/creativity of employee and public input process, local preference, Women and Minority-Owned business preference and cost. Prism Technical received the highest scoring proposal.

Prism Technical LLC is a private sector DEI Assurance Management consulting firm with offices in Milwaukee, WI since 1995 and Saint Louis, MO since 2016. Prism specializes in community benefits

monitoring, environmental justice outreach and engagement, messaging, data collection and management on public and private projects. They will be subcontracting with BDP & Associates, a performance management-consulting firm who specializes in organization assessment and development, to assist in this work. Both organizations will utilize their extensive experience to set the City up for success in addressing the priority areas.

“We want to ensure that we are the type of organization that is embracing diversity for our employees and the community members we serve,” said Aaron Oppenheimer, City Administrator. “We will be working closely with our partners to identify existing areas of success as well as opportunities for growth.”

The Equity Audit was submitted as a budget initiative in the Mayor’s proposed 2022 Budget which was approved on November 16, 2021. It will be funded using funds from both the American Rescue Plan Act and the Expenditure Restraint program. The Administration and Human Resources departments will serve as project managers. Additionally, a city team of liaison representatives will be established to work with the consulting team.

To learn more about the Equity Audit and the City’s journey of advancing efforts of DEI, please visit https://cityofsunprairie.com/1431/Equity-Audit

Community Development

74th Annual Groundhog Prognostication!

The City of Sun Prairie will be celebrating the 74th Annual Sun Prairie Groundhog Day Prognostication ceremony Wednesday, February 2 in Downtown Sun Prairie’s Cannery Square. The ceremony will begin at 6:50 a.m. with the Prognostication taking place during sunrise at 7:11 a.m. The entire community is invited to welcome Jimmy the Groundhog to Sun Prairie and hear his Groundhog Day prediction! It is worth noting that Jimmy is a pretty big deal in the meteorological community due to his consistently high accuracy rate on annual predictions. Jimmy’s announcement stating if there will be another six weeks of winter or not will be translated into Spanish, Hmong, and sign language so all can be informed. 

One change from prior years is the Hibernation Hustle. Historically, the run has occurred right after the prediction is announced. This year, the race is a part of Fun Prairie Frozen Fest and will take place on Sunday, January 30 at 10 a.m. in Cannery Square. Proceeds from this event will still go towards supporting the Boys and Girls Club. 

“This an event I look forward to every year”, said Jimmy the Groundhog. “Although the pressure is on to get it right, it’s always good to be up for an early morning announcement with the community.” 

For detailed information on the Hibernation Hustle, please visit this site. 

To learn more about the history of Groundhog Day, please go here

Cannery Square is the place to be for a morning with surprises to hear Jimmy’s prediction live. Downtown Sun Prairie... we’re having fun down here!

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Just a reminder - Paying Property Taxes and 2021 Mill Rate! 

2021 Mill Rate

The 2021 total mill rate is $21.774388 per $1,000 of assessed value (or .021774388).  This is a decrease over the 2020 mill rate, which was $22.00609 per $1,000 assessed.  Below is the insert that was included in the real estate property tax bills last year. This insert provides information on how property taxes can be paid, who to contact with questions, and an example calculation comparing the taxes on an average single family home for 2020 and 2021.

Additional information will be provided at https://www.cityofsunprairie.com/321/Property‐Taxes web page. Questions can be emailed to City of Sun Prairie Finance Department at taxes@cityofsunprairie.com or call 608‐825‐1192. 


2021 Tax Insert Page_2Paying Property Taxes 

Just sharing a friendly reminder that property taxes can be paid in person, by mail, by drop box, or on mill rate (1) Opens in new windowline with credit card or e-check.

1. In person at City Hall between 8am and 4:30pm M-F.  City Hall is closed for business on Thursday December 23rd, Friday December 24th, Thursday December 30th, Friday December 31st, and Monday January 17th.

2. By mail at 300 E Main St., Sun Prairie, WI 53590

3. By drop box at City Hall and the Westside Community Services Building

4. Online at https://www.cityofsunprairie.com/324/Payment-Options-Deadlines .  Convenience fees apply.

If you have any questions, you can call the Finance Department at 608-825-1192 or email taxes@cityofsunprairie.com.

Parks, Recreation and Forestry

Recreation Department

The Sun Prairie Parks, Recreation & Forestry office is open: Monday – Friday 8:00am-4:30pm and available by phone at (608) 837-3449 Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm, by email at rec@cityofsunprairie.com.

COVID-19 Update

In accordance with the Public Health Madison and Dane County (PHMDC) recent Face Covering Emergency Order #5 (publichealthmdc.com), we will require everyone age 2 and older to wear a mask or face covering for all indoor programming and rentals, inside the Family Aquatic Center bathhouse, and when visiting the Parks, Recreation and Forestry office for in person services until Face Covering Emergency Order #5 expires January 3rd, 2022. For the most up to date Dane County COVID-19 information visit publichealthmdc.com and specific Parks, Recreation and Forestry mitigation plan visit rec.cityofsunprairie.com


Winter/Spring Guide out now!

Register today! - rec.cityofsunprairie.com

Online Guide available here - https://view.flipdocs.com/?ID=10018939_143015

Winter-Spring 2022 COVER_page-0001 Opens in new window

Office Hours Update

Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm

Sun Prairie Historical Museum

Closed to the Public – November 1st-May 1st 

“Volunteer work continues behind the scenes to develop new exhibits and advance collections inventory. Anyone interested in volunteering at the Historical Museum should email museum@cityofsunprairie.com

Sun Prairie Rink Rangers

rinkrangerslogo(1) Opens in new windowCalling all volunteers! – Become a “Rink Ranger!” 

SPPRF has invested in two ice rink liner systems for the 2021-2022 skating season.  The liner systems significantly improve the quality of the ice and the duration of the skating season.  However, the liner system also requires additional maintenance, time, and attention that a traditional flooded rink does not.

SPPRF is committed to providing high quality ice rink facilities, but due to the additional manual labor required, combined with finite staffing resources, a community-supported volunteer program is critical for the success and future expansion of these facilities.

The "Rink Rangers" Adopt-a-Rink Volunteer Program is a family-friendly volunteer opportunity that relies on community members to assist the Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department with basic ice rink maintenance such as snow removal, flooding/resurfacing (trained volunteers only), general site cleanup, and other maintenance needs as identified.

The 2021-2022 season is the first year of this program and will serve as a pilot to determine if additional ice rink liner systems within the park system are feasible in future years.

  For more information, see the Fun Prairie Rink Ranger Information Packet.

 •  To sign-up, please e-mail rec@cityofsunprairie.com to request a volunteer form!

Safe Haven Youth Mentorship Program

Sun Prairie Community Schools and the Sun Prairie Neighborhood Navigators have teamed up to bring you the Safe Haven Youth Mentorship Program!

This FREE program invites youth and teens ages 8-16 to participate in safe, supervised activities every Friday from 4:30 – 6:30 pm at C.H. Bird Elementary School for the duration of the school year.

For more information, or to sign up, please visit:   https://tinyurl.com/SPYouthMentorship2021

New in 2022! – Fitness Flex Pass & Fitness “Try it” Week

Not sure what fitness class is right for you?   Enjoy the flexibility to try them all with our new Fit Flex Pass.  More details to come in our 2022 Winter/Spring program guide!

SPPRF Gift Certificates

Looking for a fun gift for a friend or loved one? Sun Prairie Parks, Recreation and Forestry has Gift Certificates available for purchase! Good for the FAC or most of our classes or programs! Call 608-837-3449 or stop in to the Westside Community Services Building for more information.

American Red Cross Classes

Did you know that Sun Prairie Parks Recreation & Forestry now offers Red Cross training? Check out this informational flyer for more! 

CPR, First-aid

Fun Prairie Frozen Fest!  EVENTS LISTED BELOW

For more on Frozen Fun Prairie as well as a list of events check out these links!

(Frozen Fun Prairie) – (Frozen Fest)

frozenfunprairiead Opens in new window

This winter the Sun Prairie Parks, Recreation and Forestry (SPPRF) Department will be hosting the first ever “Fun Prairie Frozen Fest” a winter festival across the City of Sun Prairie! SPPRF is teaming up with a number of local organizations and businesses to promote events, activities, attractions and promotions/specials in Sun Prairie.

Movie Night: Cool Runnings – January 23rd 

Join us for this free family friendly event and get ready for the Winter Olympics with this classic movie featuring the story of an Olympics Jamaican bobsled team! While watching the movie we will have all the supplies needed to construct your own cardboard sled for the Cardboard Sled Classic at Sheehan Park on Saturday, January 29th. See Frozen Fest page for more information. 

When: Sunday, January 23, 1:00-4:00 PM

Where: Westside Community Services Building (2598 W. Main Street, Sun Prairie) 

Cost: FREE!

Cardboard Sled Classic – January 29th (10am-12pm) 

Join us for the First Annual Frozen Fun Prairie Cardboard Sled Classic! 

The Cardboard Sled Classic is an opportunity for families and groups to create their own cardboard sled creations and race them down the sledding hill at Sheehan Park and compete for prizes for best time and best design. Groups can register as one of four entry categories – Club/Community Organization, Youth-Only, Adult-Only, and Family.

Cardboard Classic Opens in new window

Hibernation Hustle – January 30th (10:00am) 

Hibernation Hustle Opens in new window

Join us for the Hibernation Hustle fun run and kid’s dash for the Boys & Girls Club! 

Jimmy the Groundhog is looking forward to Groundhog Day and wants to brave the cold with the community! Jimmy will determine the distance of the race (5K or 2 miles) at the Frozen Fest Opening Ceremony on Friday, January 28 - much like he will determine if we have 6 more weeks of winter or not on February 2nd!

When: Sunday, January 30th at 10:00 AM

Where: Cannery Square - Downtown Sun Prairie

Distance: 5K or 2 miles. Jimmy the Groundhog will decide on 

Date: Friday, January 28 at the Opening Ceremony! 

Cost: $25 for fun run, kid’s dash is FREE ($10 charge for shirt for Kids Dash)


School’s Out Programs/Art Enrichment

Schools Out Programs Opens in new windowSchool's out for SPASD, but class is in session at the Westside Community Services Building! Join us for morning and afternoon programs, or both! We also include the option for late pickup (after AM classes only) and early drop-off (PM classes only) lastly we offer the ability to stay in between programs if need be!

Snowman Escape – 1/14/2022

Registration ends: 01/07/2022

Being a snowman seems fun but, all you do is stand around. When the sun goes down can you help your snowman escape the yard and go have some snowman fun in this winter themed escape room? Ages 5-8

I Spy – 03/11/2022

Registration Ends: 03/04/2022

Calling all super sleuths! Someone stole Mr. Bear and we need your help. The crime scene is set where you can put your CSI skills to work finding clues to hopefully find Mr. Bear and bring him home. Ages 5-8

G.A.T.O.R Games, Art, Tag, and Outdoor Recreation – 05/13/2022

Registration Ends: 05/06/2022

Spring is here! Time to grab your friends for a fun filled day with group games, art projects and other outdoor activities. Tennis shoes are required. Be sure to dress for the weather, it’s Wisconsin after all. Ages 5-8

Listen to your Art 1/14 (AM session) Ages 9-11 - Listen to your Art 1/14 (PM session) Ages 5-8

Registration Ends: 01/07/2022

Join Ms. Jessica from Jessica’s Art Studio on these days off of school for hours of creativity! You will also learn about famous artists and popular art methods such as drawing, painting, sculpture, clay exploration and more. Wear “Art Clothes” and be prepared to get messy. It is recommended to bring an Art Bag with you to take your projects home at the end of the day. Each day will explore entirely new projects than the day before, so signing up for the whole week means TONS of new unique art projects.

Camp Creativo (AM session) Ages 5-8 – Camp Creativo (PM session) Ages 9-11

Registration Ends: 03/014/2022

It’s Spring Break! What better way to enjoy your free time than coming to Camp Creativo - Join Ms. Jessica from Jessica’s Art Studio for this week long Art Camp and explore different art mediums such as; acrylic paints, water color paints, modeling clay, 3D building, collage, mosaics and more! Each day will explore different themes and mediums so register for one day or for all of the days! Don’t forget to wear your “Art Clothes”, as we’ll explore messy materials during Camp Creativo.



American Red Cross Adult/Pediatric First Aid-CPR-AED 1/15 – 9:00 am

American Red Cross Adult/Pediatric First Aid-CPR-AED 1/15 – 12:00 pm

Registration Ends: 02/02/2022

This course will prepare you to recognize and care for a variety of first aid, breathing, and cardiac emergencies involving adults, children and infants and meets OSHA/workplace requirements. This is a blended learning course including an online portion and an instructor-led classroom skill session. The online portion must be completed prior to attending the in-class portion and must be taken on a PC or tablet with a high speed Internet connection. Allow approximately 2 hours, 30 minutes to complete the online portion. Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a digital certificate for Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED valid for two years. You will receive information about the online portion after registration.

Men’s 6 v. 6 Volleyball League - Registration ends: 01/11/2022

Bump! Set! Spike! Calling all men's volleyball teams. Game times will be determined by the number of teams registered. Level of play is considered intermediate. Each team will play 8 games. Games will be self-officiated. A SPPRF staff member will supervise games.

Location: Meadowview Elementary School

*Team fee does not included tax.

Foil Fencing - Registration ends: 01/24/2022

Learn the European style of Foil Fencing under the direction of former European World-Class Fencer, Krystyna Kostecka, who will guide you through the basics of technique, tactics and independent strategy, using group challenges and games. Ages 10+

Music & Me (Parent/Child Program) – Registration Ends: 01/12/2022

Music & Me is a mixed-age class of toddlers and preschoolers along with their parents or caregivers. Activities include playing rhythm instruments, having fun with finger plays, and singing and dancing to music of different meters and tonalities. A mixed-age setting allows children the freedom to develop basic skills like singing in tune and keeping an accurate beat at their own pace.

*Required instruments are included.

Monday Night Madness: Artful Storytime – Registration Ends: 01/24/2022

Come join us for an artful story time! Class will begin with reading a popular children’s book and then create an art project that goes with our story. All materials used will be non-toxic and washable.

Public Safety

user26929-1642173024-media1_ffffff_240_226_PrsMe_ Opens in new window

As part of state and national efforts to help keep roadways safe for all travelers, Sun Prairie Police officers made 5 OWI arrests during the “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign between December 17 and New Year’s Day (January 1, 2022).

While the focus of the initiative was to deter impaired driving, officers also issued citations and made arrests during traffic stops for the following:

 14 speeding violations
 7 Signal/sign violations
 9 operating after revocation or suspension violations
 6 vehicle registration violations
 2 vehicle equipment violations
 4 other traffic violations

In addition, officers issued 92 written warnings for various traffic infractions. "The Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign lasted about two weeks, but our officer’s work throughout the year to help make our roadways and communities as safe as possible for everyone,” said Sgt. Jason Lefeber. 

Sun Prairie Media Center


On Wednesday, January 19, the Sun Prairie Media Center hosted its fourth annual Sun Prairie Media Center Volunteer Appreciation Event. The event was held at the Nitty Gritty and was sponsored by the Bank of Sun Prairie. 

(Prior to 2018, the Media Center had previously honored an individual producer at the annual Sun Prairie Public Library Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon before branching out on their own.)

"No doubt that 2021 was another challenging year at the Media Center,” said SPMC director Jeff Robbins. "But one of the things that always brightened our days was working with our great producers, who constantly contributed fantastic programming. Last year we had a virtual event, and though we were hesitant to have an in-person gathering this year, we ultimately decided we could do it safely and we appreciate the support of the Bank of Sun Prairie and the Nitty Gritty in hosting us.” 

 Several honors were handed out at the event, including:

  • Outstanding Dedication and Service to Dan Corcoran, who produced, directed, and announced many sporting events in 2021.
  • Outstanding Broadcast Team to Mike Powers, Jamison Rabbitt, and Bill Baker (the Sun Prairie Cardinal football announcers).
  • The “Weekend Warrior” award to radio producer Pete Zenz, who produced many shows outside of the normal work week.
  • The “Most Prepared” award to “Parenting Game” producer Christine Bright.
  • The “Most Improved” award to “Drilling Down in 60” producer Juanona Brewster, who has shown tremendous improvement in dealing with the technology inherent in hosting a radio program.
  • Outstanding Team Player to Tim Hatfield, who is agreeable to do just about any assignment asked of him.
  • The “Most Consistent” award to “GRRL-Powered Radio” and “Play Anything” producer Caprise Waak. 
  • Outstanding Interviewer to “My World and Welcome To It” producer Rex Owens.
  • The “Most Positive” award to “Marc Madness Sports” producer Marcus Carstens.
  • Outstanding Juggler award to Mark Gonwa, producer of multiple shows.
  • Outstanding Behind the Scenes award to Theresa Stevens, Media Center Commission board member.

"We could always give out more awards,” said Robbins. “A lot of very deserving people weren't mentioned. But it’s fun to keep the honors fresh each year and beyond.” 


Join In Action Productions, in collaboration with the Sun Prairie Media Center, is pleased to announce a new project soon to air on KSUN: Voices of Experience (VOE).

VOE will examine how we navigate some aspects of life in the 21st century by bringing responsible information to the forefront. The first three areas of life VOE will explore include. 

  •  The Face of Bullying in the 21st Century- Understanding what it looks like, where it happens, and what we can do to end it. 
  • The True Cost of Service- sharing the experiences of life for   contemporary veterans and their families
  • Stressbusting in the 21st Century-managing the realities of our lives now, using the most current cognitive evidence and brain research to achieve mental wellness by effectively managing stress.

Today, facts and data are abundant. Information, misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda are readily current and accessible through the internet. How do we sort it all out?

This is the puzzle that VOE hopes to address, one topic at a time. For further information please contact joininaction1@gmail.com, staff@sunprairiemediacenter.com, or 608-837-4193.

KSUN is available on Spectrum (channel 983), TDS (channels 13 and 1013), through the KSUN channel available on Roku and Apple TV, streaming at sunprairiemediacenter.com, and streaming through the SPMC app (available for free from Google Play and the App Store).


Looking for a little different way to say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day? Do you and that special someone have a song or two (or three) that bring back some warm memories? Then dedicate that song or songs to that special someone this year on Sun Prairie’s own community radio station, 103.5 FM.

Tell the producers at 103.5 FM what songs (up to three) remind you of your sweetie and why, and they’ll play ’em — along with your dedication — on Monday, February 14 from 7-9 AM, 4-6 PM, and/or 7-9 PM. Submit your song requests and dedication at sunprairiemediacenter.com/valentine, and 103.5 FM will help you show your love in the most memorable way: with music and a shout-out on the radio!

No profane songs and/or dedications will be accepted — the Sun Prairie Media Center is asking you to save those for your private celebrations! The number of times each dedication will be read on Monday, February 14, will be based on the number of entries received. 

This event is being sponsored by Prairie Flowers by Hen and Chick and the Bank of Sun Prairie. The event will benefit the Friends of the Sun Prairie Media Center. The Friends of the Sun Prairie Media Center are asking for a $10 donation per entry, which can be submitted at sunprairiemediacenter.com/valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sun Prairie Public LibrarySun Prairie Public Library Logo

Storytime-Resumes Week of January 24th 

Small Fry Storytime Online

Mondays at 10 a.m. in the SPPL Storytime Facebook Group or on the SPPL YouTube Channel. 

Storytime in Person

Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9:45 AM and 11:15 AM initially; days and possibly times will change periodically. Please check our event calendar at www.sunlib.org for up-to-date Storytime listings and to register.

Where: Community Room

Geared For: Preschool aged children but all ages will enjoy

Our storytime schedule will change every few weeks this season to accommodate a variety of schedules. Each storytime will require a separate registration. Please register your child for the one storytime each week that best fits your schedule. Registration will open one week prior to the event. Space is limited. All Storytime participants agree to abide by library policies and procedures. Visit https://www.sunprairiepubliclibrary.org/storytimeinfo for up-to-date info. 

Urban SUN: Black Voices Book Club

Sunday, January 23 3-4pm 

A monthly book club devoted to creating meaningful conversations about race by exploring works of contemporary and historical African-American authors. Discussions are led by Sun Prairie residents, Donna Mackey and Marilyn Ruffin. Get ready to get uncomfortable and get real! This month's book selection is “Dear Martin” by Nic Stone. Copies are available at the library's Information Desk for those who register, and may also be available in digital formats from Overdrive/Libby or Hoopla. We also encourage you to listen to or read the text of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s famous "I Have A Dream" speech. The Urban SUN book club will meet via Zoom until further notice. Please register to attend the discussion here, and Zoom details will be emailed to you.

Teen Creativity Club

Tuesday, January 25 4-5pm 

Library Community Room 

Join Melissa for Teen Creativity Club! Registration is required, reserve your spot by using the form here. This program is for teens in 6th - 12th grade. The project for our January 25 meeting is TBA. This program will have both in person and virtual options. Please contact Melissa with any questions/accommodations. Questions, concerns, or if registration has already closed but the event has not yet happened, please email Melissa at mcarollo@sunlib.org.

Fermented Beverages

Thursday, January 27 6:30-7:30 pm 

Kick-start the New Year and toast to your health! Discover the power of probiotics, and learn about the numerous health benefits of fermented beverages like kombucha, kefir, and kvass during this "make your own kombucha" virtual demonstration! Facilitated by Laura Poe Mathes, a registered dietician, who specializes in traditional, whole food solutions for digestive health.

This program will be held via Zoom. To receive the Zoom log in information please register here.

Young Critics Book Club

Wednesday, February 2 4-4:45 p.m. 

Young Critics Book Club is for those who are in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade in for the 2021-2022 school year. This book club is different because everyone will be reading something different and on your own time. How to participate: Anyone can join the Meet Up to talk about the book(s) they are currently reading. If you would like to pick up one of the books that Sammy is offering, please visit the website to learn more and request a book. Any questions or to get the Zoom link? Email Sammy at snieman@sunlib.org or call the Children's Desk at 608-825-0701