Do I get to choose which hospital you take me to?

In most cases, we are able to respect a patient's wishes as to which hospital they would like to go to. If you aren't sure which hospital to go to, the paramedics can help you decide which one may be preferred based on the patient's medical condition and/or any insurance they may have. In some cases, the patient's emergency dictates which hospital we will need go to. For example, serious trauma patients will almost always be transported to UW Hospital because they are the only Level 1 Trauma Center in the area. A woman in labor would be brought to Meriter or St. Mary's since UW doesn't normally treat OB/Gyn patients. If a patient is very sick and needs to be seen and treated by a doctor within minutes, we may take them to St. Mary's Sun Prairie Emergency Center as it is the closest hospital where they can receive stabilizing care before continuing on to their hospital of choice.

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