When do I need a Zoning Permit?
A zoning permit is required in order to ensure that land uses and development activities comply with the standards of the zoning ordinance, serve as a final step in the approval process for other land use and development application types, and to otherwise protect the public health, safety, and general welfare.

Zoning permits shall be required prior to any of the following activities:
  • The construction or placement of a new building, structure or paved surface; or the expansion or exterior modification of a building, structure or paved surface above and beyond minor repairs and maintenance*
  • A change in occupancy and use of, or the addition of a use to, an existing building, structure or property when the new use is of a different land use classification than the existing or prior use
  • Occupancy and use of vacant land
  • The re-establishment of an allowed use on a property that has been inactive for a period of more than 12 months
  • * The expansion of a single-family home not located within a planned development district. However, a building permit and other permits may still be necessary and the property owner is responsible for ensuring that all zoning requirements are adhered to.

The following activities shall not require the issuance of a zoning permit:
  • Street construction or repair, utility work within the public right of way or a public easement, or other approved activity performed by a governmental entity or recognized utility within the public right of way
  • The repaving of conforming driveways or parking lots, provided that it does not involve the expansion of a parking lot
  • Miscellaneous activities and improvements incidental to the use, maintenance and upkeep of residential properties, such as landscaping, the erection of accessory buildings that do not require a building permit, the installation of playground equipment, mailboxes, patios, decks, and other similar activities, provided all locational requirements of this Title are met
  • Other activities may be exempted if the zoning administrator determines that a zoning permit is not necessary

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