What is the Sun Prairie Media Center?
Sun Prairie Media Center is the organization that houses two cable access stations, KIDS-4 and KSUN. The purpose of cable access television is to serve community members by training those interested in video production and providing a forum for their programs. As a grass roots organization, our mandate is to create a communication link between individuals, groups, and the Sun Prairie community at large. Visit our website for more information.Sun Prairie Media Center

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1. What is the Sun Prairie Media Center?
2. Where can I view KIDS-4 and KSUN channels?
3. I often see the names KIDS-4 and KSUN. How are these names part of Sun Prairie Media Center?
4. What does Sun Prairie Media Center do?
5. How is Sun Prairie Media Center funded?
6. What is KIDS-4?
7. How old are the kids in the KIDS-4 after-school program?
8. How did KIDS-4 come into being?
9. Where is Sun Prairie Media Center located?
10. Can I get my own copy of programs I see on KIDS-4 or KSUN?
11. What are the Sun Prairie Media Center user guidelines?