Ad Hoc Steering Committee on Diversity

The Ad hoc Steering Committee on Diversity is a temporary committee created by the Sun Prairie Common Council in 2015. The Committee consists of 17 members, including the Mayor who also serves as the Committee's chair. All members are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Common Council.

The Sun Prairie Common Council has charged the Committee with two tasks:

  1. City's workforce: The Committee is to provide recommendations that will enhance the City's capabilities to locate, recruit and hire qualified candidates with diverse backgrounds.
  2. City services: The Committee is to identify and provide a better understanding of the unique needs of different individuals and communities within Sun Prairie.

In June of 2016, the Committee presented its six month progress report to the City Council providing a preview of recommendations the City Council may see from the Committee. The Committee has until April of 2017 to complete its work and fulfill its charges.

Committee Members

Mayor Paul T. Esser

Ginger Baier

Robert Host

Jo A. Kiesow

Jeanne Wellman

Kara Grajkowski

Pastor Charmaine Burns

Gracelyn Richmond

Tina Bohling

Jayanta Chatterjee

Carol Rybak

Yamileth Lothe

Jerry Ruffin

Angelika Gulbis

Fred Stohl

Tracy Williams

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