Customized Technical Assistance

The City of Sun Prairie's Economic Development Department can provide a variety of services to its businesses and startups to help them grow and expand. The Economic Development team is single point of contact that can help with all things city related. Browse the different services we provide and partner on. For more information please email the Economic Development Department.


The City of Sun Prairie is prepared to help market your company. We can partner with you for various events, co-create marketing materials as well as other marketing opportunities. We want to show industry professionals, your customers and clients that you are the right company to work with.



We can help connect you to other businesses in order to operate more efficiently, to help grow customer base, enter into the supply chain and more. We can help get you the information you need to become more successful.


Demographic data is important when looking at your customers and where they are located in order to make decisions on future development.


Knowing your industry is important and keeping up is difficult. Let us help you with finding important industry research, market trends, new technologies and groups to connect with.


Workforce Development

The City of Sun Prairie has connections with Workforce Development professionals locally and across the state. Let us help you connect with them and learn about the many programs that are offered, including the City's Sun Prairie Works initiative. More

Navigate Regulations

Let us help you navigate the regulations at the city level, state and within your industry. We can help get you in touch with experts to help answer your questions.

Real Estate

Are you looking to relocate inside Sun Prairie, are in need of additional warehouse space, would like a more visible office operation? We can help you find the right piece of real estate to fit your needs.

Expansion & Retention

It isn't all about expanding physically. If you have incorporated a new system and are looking for resources to help with the transition, have questions about adding a shift or other concerns let us assist you.