Funding Sources
Contrary to popular belief, the Sun Prairie Media Center is not funded by the city or by taxpayer dollars. The majority of the operating costs for the Sun Prairie Media Center are comprised of a portion of the cable bill paid by cable subscribers in Sun Prairie.

The Sun Prairie Media Center also relies heavily on volunteers and donations. Currently there are 3 great ways to donate to the Sun Prairie Media Center:
  • Friends of Kids-4
    The Friends of Kids-4 group exists to support a wide variety of functions performed by the Sun Prairie Media Center. In 2014-2015, the Friends group is actively taking contributions toward start-up costs for 103.5 The Sun Community Radio.
  • Parents of Kids-4
    The Parents of Kids-4 group exists to directly support the KIDS-4 program in Sun Prairie. Currently the Parents group is raising funds for equipment and supplies to be used in the KIDS-4 program.
  • Pam Steitz Scholarship
    Established to honor her 25 years of service to the Sun Prairie Media Center, these funds are dedicated to ensuring that all students have access to the KIDS-4 program and other age-appropriate activities at the Sun Prairie Media Center. The awarding of this scholarship is based on financial need.
Donations to any of these funds can be made by mailing a check to:
Sun Prairie Media Center
1350 Linnerud Drive
Sun Prairie, WI 53590
Donate button
For more information, check out the current Sun Prairie Media Center donation brochure (PDF).

Why Donate?
The Sun Prairie Media Center plays a vital role in the growing community of Sun Prairie. By donating money and/or time to the Sun Prairie Media Center, you help ensure that the citizens of Sun Prairie are educated, informed, entertained, and empowered by programming produced by Sun Prairie residents for Sun Prairie residents.

Community media such as the kind generated by the Sun Prairie Media Center is of increasing importance for reasons such as:
  • Civic involvement - Community media encourages citizens to get involved in their community
  • Informed citizens - Community media fosters informed citizens
  • Access for unique voices - Community media opens up its airwaves and provides training to empower citizens to convert ideas into action
  • Media ownership / fragmentation - As "Big Media" gets bigger, unique choices become fewer and truly local programming becomes harder to find
  • Transparent government - Community media ensures that citizens maintain access rights to governmental proceedings
Safe & Creative Place for Kids
Last but certainly not least, the KIDS-4 program ensures that young people have a safe place to go after school to express their creativity, learn about media literacy, improve their social and problem-solving skills, and develop skills that could be the springboard to an exciting career in the arts, television, radio, or the Internet.