Brush & Yard Waste Information

Brush collections are performed by the Sun Prairie Public Works Department.  Brush is collected curb-side starting in April through November.  Yard waste collections are performed by Pellitteri Waste Systems.  Yard waste is collected twice in the spring and twice in the fall. Brush materials are not the same as yard waste. Please review the collection information and guidelines for proper set out.



Brush vs. Yard Waste

Brush includes:

  • Woody material trimmed from trees, shrubs or bushes
  • Branches in long segments that can be handled by one person

Yard waste includes:

  • Leaves, weeds, garden trimmings, and other plant debris.

Please separate yard waste and leaves from brush. We will not collect mixed piles.

2024 Brush Collection Weeks

  • Monday, April 1
  • Monday, May 6
  • Monday, June 3
  • Monday July 1
  • Monday, August 5
  • Tuesday, September 3
  • Monday, October 7
  • Monday, October 28

2024 Yard Waste Collection Weeks

  • Monday, April 8
  • Tuesday, May 28
  • Monday, November 4
  • Monday, November 25

Possible Delays

Once a neighborhood has been collected, the crews will not return to that area until the next scheduled collection. Due to varying conditions, specific collection days of the week cannot be projected for each neighborhood.

Materials are not collected in one day. Collections will be conducted in the most expedient method possible, but inclement weather and mechanical problems may create delays. The collections will take place during the same weeks for the entire city.

Collections are generally completed within one week, if you have not been picked up within that time, please call Public Works at 608-837-3050 to inform them of the missed collection. Items will only be considered missed and rescheduled if they were set out by the first day of collection.