Blooming of Sun Prairie

Let’s Be Beautiful!

Would you like to help beautify the City of Sun Prairie? Flower beds are located throughout the city and volunteers are needed for them! To get more information or sign up for a location call 608-837-3050 or send an email.

We are looking for volunteers for open flower beds. Please contact us via phone or email to hear which locations are available.
Blooming of Sun Prairie Registration
Volunteer Responsibilities
Volunteers are required to plant, water, and weed their beds throughout the growing season and remove annuals and cut back perennials at the end. The city will provide you with mulch to be placed in the bed right after planting.

Thank you!

A huge THANK YOU to the following groups participating in making this season a success and this city a beautiful one:

The Igl Family
Sun Prairie Garden Club
Girl Scouts Troop 1749
Erin Womersley
Lindsey Ollerman and Service Specialists
Larry and Maureen Crombie
Happy Hikers 4H Club
Pam Stupar and Family
Linda Kiefer and Family
Kent & Wendy Orfan
The Deming Family
The Shanahan Family
Hebl, Hebl, and Ripp, LLP.