Public Education

Station Tours 

This is a great way to meet your local firefighters as well as learn how the fire station operates. Any community group or school group is welcome to arrange a tour of our fire station. Visitors will be introduced to the many types of firefighting and rescue equipment that is carried on a modern-day fire truck. As well as fire safety and well being topics for all ages. We can tailor the tour to meet your needs.


Public Education Visit 

A firefighter can visit your group or location to talk about home fire safety, seasonal safety, or age-related safety topics. We can tailor safety messages to meet your groups needs. 


Schedule a Tour or Public Education Visit 

To schedule a tour, call 608-837-5066 Extension 6 or contact us using this form. Please schedule at least 14 days in advance. 

Please be aware that the fire station is on call 24-hours a day. Even with booked tours, the possibility exists that the crew could be called out and the visit will need to be rescheduled. 

*we are not able to offer private family tours or host birthday party groups.


Fire Extinguisher Classes 

We offer fire education classes to organizations and businesses in the Sun Prairie fire district. Taught by our firefighters, these classes will give you a chance to learn about common fire safety hazards and get hands-on fire extinguisher training.


Schedule Training 

Classes are based on participation. If you would like to join a class or arrange an on-site training class for your place of business please fill out this form, or call 608-837-5066 x6. 

On-site training delivery requires the following: 

1. A minimum of 4 weeks' advance notice 

2. A minimum of 15 participants 

Presentations & Career Fairs 

Our firefighters are also available to staff a table at a career fair or talk to a class or group about any topic related to firefighting. Fill out this form or call 608-837-5066 x6 and we will contact you to make arrangements. 


A room in a Fire Station containing the firefighters gear
Firefighters train citizens to use fire extinguishers
Firefighters speak to participants at a career fair