Donate Artifacts

Maybe you rediscovered a trunk or box in the attic full of old photos, papers, or other memorabilia relating to life in Sun Prairie around the turn of the twentieth century. Do you have a box in the basement with dad's uniform, letters and other memorabilia from World War II? The museum is interested in obtaining more recent memorabilia from life in Sun Prairie including school sports and events and memorabilia from Sun Prairie businesses past and present.

How to Donate

Donate materials by calling 608-825-0837 or email us to schedule an appointment.

Items can also be left at the following locations when the museum is closed:

  • Chamber of Commerce at 109 East Main Street
  • Municipal Building Main Desk at 300 East Main Street

Your name and telephone number must be left with the item.

What to Donate

Not sure what to do with those old tools that once belonged to Great-grandfather Ed? Or, perhaps, you came across a time-worn letter written by great-aunt Dorothy to her parents about her new role as a wife in the Sun Prairie area in the late 1800s.

A black and white photo of 3 men harvesting ice around year 1910