2022 Capital Improvement Projects

Street Reconstruction Projects

  • Queens Street - Ring Street - Dover Way - Harvard Drive - Major Way
  • Barbara Street
  • Dewey Street - Chase Boulevard - Blankenheim Lane
  • Amanda Avenue

Street Rehabilitation Projects

  • Joshua Circle
  • North Bristol (from Windsor Street to Klubertanz Drive)

Water Main Project 

  • Grove Street

Street Extension Project

  • Columbus Street

2022 Construction Updates

Pheasant Run Street Reconstruction (Queens St., Ring St., Dover Way, Harvard Dr., Major Way) & Joshua Circle Pavement Rehabilitation:

5/7 Update: The contractor has indicated that the project will begin June 6 with installing traffic control and erosion control measures. On June 7, the existing pavement will be pulverized, shaped, and rolled to be used as the working surface for the underground utility work. On June 8, tree removals will begin. On June 13, underground utility work will begin. 

The project is scheduled to be completed by September 1. 

Barbara Street Reconstruction & Jeanne Court Pavement Rehabilitation:

5/19 Update: The contractor will be connecting to the existing water main at the Barbara Street - Laura Street intersection tomorrow. On Monday 5/23, the contractor will turn off the water on Barbara Street between Jeanne Court and Laura Street for a few hours to abandon a small portion of the existing main. The contractor will hand out flyers to homes that will be impacted by this temporary water shutoff. Tree removals will continue. 

This is project is scheduled to be completed by July 26.