Community Impact

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Metro Transit Service Background 

On June 11, 2023, Madison Metro Transit extended service to Sun Prairie as part of the Transit Network Redesign. This expansion of service to Sun Prairie was a strategic process driven by community input.

Planning Process

In October and November of 2021, city staff collected community response to gauge interest in local bus service and how this service would be utilized. Community input informed the decision to move forward with the process of expanding transit services from Madison into Sun Prairie.

In early 2022, Madison Metro Transit presented a potential route for local bus service to the Sun Prairie Transit Commission that would connect to Bus Rapid Transit Service at the Park-and-Ride facility off Reiner Road. The draft route was based off key factors such as proximity to major destinations and employers, areas of high population and employment density, high usage areas of the existing Shared-Ride Taxi, and travelling along streets most suitable for accommodating buses. City staff reviewed this route while compiling extensive community feedback through a community survey, focus groups, and stakeholder interviews throughout the spring and summer of 2022 to inform any necessary adjustments. The final route was presented to City Council and approved in the fall with plans to begin development of bus top infrastructure this year.


The new Metro service provides three routes that accommodate varying needs of service frequency, location, and availability. For individuals who are unable to use Metro’s service due to physical limitations, Metro paratransit is available. 

Service Impact

Monitoring Service Utilization and Trends

Upon the introduction of transit service to the community, establishing ridership may require some time. It can take an average of 2-3 years to set a baseline. It's crucial to consider that several factors influence service utilization and trends, including community awareness of the service, major business employment, traffic generators, infrastructure enhancements, and various other elements.

Madison Metro provides the City with regular ridership numbers to be able to see how ridership is evolving. To view 2023 data provided, please click here and select "agenda" of the desired month. 

This information is presented and discussed at the Transit Commission meetings. As we receive information about service utilization, we will continue to monitor the trends.