March 17, 2022

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Administration: On Tuesday, March 15, City Council passed a resolution approving the use of the remaining $1.82 million from the ARPA Grant to fund the Community Investment ARPA Program Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) and internal City staff initiatives. 

Clerk's Office: In-person absentee voting at City Hall and the Library will be available starting March 22, 2022.  In addition to voting, you can also verify your voter registration status.

Community Development: Artful Wine Walk is back this spring! Join the Downtown Sun Prairie Business Improvement District on Thursday, May 5 5-8:30 PM and sample wine at 30 local businesses.

Parks, Recreation and Forestry: The City of Sun Prairie’s Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department (SPPRF) is excited to participate in the Plant Dane Program. This program provides Dane County residents, nonprofits, and schools the opportunity to purchase or donate native plants at a reduced rate.

Public Safety: Sun Prairie Fire & Rescue is proud to announce that we are bringing the Citizens Fire Academy (CFA) back after a long COVID hiatus!

Sun Prairie Media Center: The Sun Prairie Media Center is happy to announce that 18 original shows created for either KSUN television or 103.5 FM The Sun Community Radio are set to receive awards at the fest, which will be held in Madison on Thursday, May 12. 

Sun Prairie Public Library: Public Health Madison & Dane County will be holding walk-in vaccine clinics in the library’s Community Room on Fridays 3/18 and 3/25 from 3:00-5:30 p.m. 

Sun Prairie Utilities: Check out the scholarship opportunity with us! Just go to our section to learn more. 


Become a Master Recycler!

What is it? 

Sustain Dane is working in partnership with the City of Madison to offer their Master Recycler Program! This is a program where you can learn the ins and outs of our local recycling system and get your recycling questioSustainability update!ns answered. The program will give you the tools you need to teach your family, neighbors, friends, and coworkers how to improve recycling and community sustainability.

Topics include: what makes recycling work and why we do it, local recycling basics, barriers to recycling, other waste streams, low waste living, & how to champion recycling in your community.

When are the upcoming dates?

The participants will meet in two sessions:

  • Thursday, April 7, 12PM—1:30PM
  • Thursday, April 14, 12PM—1:30PM

Register at

Access Information

Both sessions are virtual meetings. Access links are available on the Online Event Page and at the bottom of your confirmation email after registration.


Is the ticket cost a barrier for you? Full or partial scholarships are available. Please contact to learn more.


Sun Prairie residents can receive a discount on the registration fee! All you have to do is: 

1. For registration, go to: 

2. Click "Tickets" 

3. Click Enter Promo Code (highlighted in blue at the top)

4. Enter the code "Recycle" which unlocks the $5 discount

5. Fill out the order form, one question asks “Where are you joining us from?” and when answering “Sun Prairie” a conditional sub question will ask for the zip code (this is a required question).

Side note: You don't need to have a PayPal account to pay. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can choose the "Pay with Debit/Credit Card" option. 

Questions? Contact Program Manager Lorenza Zebell at Can’t make this one? We’ll hold another two sessions later in the year!

City Council Approves Community Investment Notice of Funding Opportunity

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) was passed by Congress and signed into law on March 11, 2021. This act created the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF) program. The City of Sun Prairie was awarded a total of $3.6 Million under the SLFRF program. The City has received the first tranche of funding in 2021 and expects to receive the remaining funding in the summer of 2022.

On Tuesday, March 15, City Council passed a resolution approving the use of the remaining $1.82 million from the ARPA Grant to fund the Community Investment ARPA Program Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) and internal City staff initiatives. The NOFO is the external process available for community organizations to request funds. City staff will have the opportunity to request funds through a separate internal process.

External Funding Process – Community Investment Notice of Funding Opportunity

This opportunity is open to nonprofit organizations, faith-based organizations, and for-profit organizations that have a physical location(s) and operate within city limits. Eligible projects under this funding opportunity are programs that respond to the public health and economic impacts of COVID-19, which could include assistance to households, small businesses, non-profits, and providing aid to impacted industries. From the $1 million allotted for external funding, the maximum grant award amount that can be requested is $150,000 per organization or project with a minimum award of $5,000. Organizations can partner together to submit a single proposal.

NOFO Issue DateApril 1, 2022

Applicant Informational Session (recommended) – will be recorded and posted online within 2 business days

April 11, 2022

Deadline to Submit Questions & Request

Feedback of Early Submissions

April 15, 2022 
Response to Questions & Feedback RequestsApril 22, 2022
Final Application Submission Deadline
May 2, 2022
Notice of Intent to Award
June 3, 2022
Grants Award (by Council)
June 7, 2022 
Funding Expenditure Deadline
December 31, 2024

Submitted proposals will be evaluated by an internal staff team who will make funding recommendations to the City Council. Following grant awards, selected organizations will need to comply with quarterly budget and programmatic reporting to the City. The City will use the quarterly reports to help fulfill federal reporting requirements under ARPA.

Internal Funding Process – ARPA Initiative Form

City staff created an internal process for departments to propose ARPA funding for an initiative. City Council allocated a total of $800,000 of funding for additional projects submitted during this process. If a departments particular initiative does not get funded with ARPA funds, the department can still pursue submitting the request as a 2023 budget initiative if they choose to continue to request funding.

Community Feedback

During the month of February, the City published a community member feedback via an online survey. The purpose of the survey was to gather input and priorities from the community on areas that should be of focus of future ARPA funded projects. The number one priority for respondents of the survey was for the City to support immediate economic stabilization for households and businesses. The second priority is for the City to address systemic public health and economic challenges that have contributed to the inequal impact of the pandemic. Respondents were asked to select their top five priority projects out of a list of eligible activities. The top five priority activities identified were:

1. Mental Health

2. Food Security

3. Youth Programs & Services

4. Direct assistance to small businesses and nonprofits

5. Child Care

Additionally, an Informational Session was held on Wednesday, March 9 to provide an overview of the American Rescue Plan, solicit feedback, and answer community questions. All the feedback received from both engagement activities was used to shape the Community Priorities section of the NOFO.

Next Steps

As listed above, the NOFO issue date is set for Friday, April 1. It is strongly recommended that organizations planning to submit a project proposal attend the virtual Applicant Informational Session being held on Monday, April 11. For information on NOFO and additional background information on ARPA, please visit .

“Our priority is to ensure that these funds are spent in an equitable way that supports those who have been impacted the most by the pandemic,” said Aaron Oppenheimer, City Administrator.

Clerk's Office

2022 Elections

Beginning with the 2022 Spring Election, all eight polling locations established by the Common council in 2019 will be in use again with the exception of one. The Faith Place Church has been replaced with City Hall for District 1b.

All Sun Prairie registered voters were mailed a postcard notifying them of their polling location on March 11, 2022. 

District 1a

Wards 1, 2, 3

The Colonial Club

301 Blankenheim Ln

District 1b

Wards 4, 5, 6, 7

City Hall

300 E Main St

District 2a

Wards 8, 9, 10

Heartland Church 

800 Wilburn Rd

District 2b

Wards 11, 12, 13

United Methodist Church

702 North St

District 3a

Wards 14, 15, 16, 17

Sun Prairie Public Library

1350 Linnerud Dr

District 3b

Wards 18, 19, 20, 21

Living Water Church

3075 Prospect Dr

District 4a

Wards 22, 23, 24

Westside Community Service Building

2598 W Main St

District 4b

Wards 25, 26, 27

Focus Church

411 N Thompson Rd

Absentee Voting Information: 

In-person absentee voting at City Hall and the Library will be available starting March 22, 2022.  In addition to voting, you can also verify your voter registration status.

City Hall, 300 E Main St

March 22, 2022 – March 25, 2022:                                           8:00am – 6:00pm

March 26, 2022:                                                                          8:00am – 12:00pm

March 28, 2022 – March 31, 2022:                                           8:00am – 6:00pm

April 1, 2022:                                                                                8:00am – 5:00pm

April 2, 2022:                                                                                8:00am – 12:00pm 

(No Voter Registration, only Absentee Voting on this date)

Sun Prairie Public Library, 1350 Linnerud Dr

March 22, 2022 – March 24, 2022:                                           9:30am – 6:00pm

March 25, 2022:                                                                           9:30am – 5:00pm

March 26, 2022:                                                                           9:30am – 12:00pm

March 28, 2022 – March 31, 2022:                                            9:30am – 6:00pm

April 1, 2022:                                                                                 9:30am – 5:00pm

April 2, 2022:                                                                                 9:30am – 12:00pm 

(No Voter Registration, only Absentee Voting on this date)

Who can request an absentee ballot?  Any qualified elector who registers to vote. (A qualified elector is a United States citizen, 18 years of age or older, who has resided in the district in which he or she intends to vote for at least 10 days.) 

In addition to In-person absentee voting, how else can you request an absentee ballot?  

· Online at

· Email to

· Mail-in requests to the City Clerk  

Photo ID must accompany all absentee requests.  Commonly used Photo ID documents are:

· State of WI driver license or ID card                       · WI DOT DL or ID card receipt

· Military ID card                                                            · US Passport

Cessation of the Use of Drop Boxes for Absentee Ballots

The City of Sun Prairie Clerk’s Office will stop allowing voters to use drop boxes for returning their voted absentee ballots.

On January 20, 2022 the Waukesha County Circuit Court Branch 1 issued an order that changes the way we have been collecting some absentee ballots.  The order states that WEC’s interpretation of the state statutes is inconsistent with state law.  It goes on to describe the ways a voter may return a voted absentee ballot. The options are:

  1. An elector must personally mail or deliver his or her own absentee ballot, except where the law explicitly authorizes an agent to act on an elector’s behalf,
  2. The only lawful methods for casting an absentee ballot pursuant to Wis. Stat.§ 6.87(4)(b)1. are for the elector to place the envelope containing the ballot in the mail or for the elector to deliver the ballot in person to the municipal clerk,
  3. The use of drop boxes, as described in the Memos issued by WEC, is not permitted under Wisconsin law unless the drop box is staffed by the clerk and located at the office of the clerk or a properly designated alternate site under Wis. Stat. § 6.855.

With this new guidance, the City of Sun Prairie will no longer be using drop boxes to collect absentee ballots.

Find Your Voter Information at

MyVote Wisconsin ( is a website specifically designed for voters.  MyVote Wisconsin provides all Wisconsin residents – registered and nonregistered electors – with information regarding the date of their next election, polling location, what will appear on their ballot, voter registration, absentee voting, the ward and districts in which they live, who holds office in their area, and how to contact their municipal clerk.  In addition, military voters and permanent overseas voters may use MyVote Wisconsin to request and receive an absentee ballot online.

Community Development

Artful Wine Walk is Back This Spring!

Artful Wine Walk is back this spring! Join the Downtown Sun Prairie Business Improvement District on Thursday, May 5 5-8:30 PM and sample wine at 30 local businesses. Participating businesses will be hosting exclusive sales, specials, entertainment, and appetizers. Standard tickets are $35 and designated driver tickets are $10. Purchase tickets online or the day-of the event at the Bank of Sun Prairie! 

photo for walk wine Opens in new window

Housing Study Virtual Workshop #2 - Did You Miss It?

On Thursday, February 10, a community input session was held to gather feedback on what is being proposed to improve housing in Sun Prairie. We had a variety of elected officials, community members, and other stakeholders attend to be able to offer their ideas, suggestions, and other comments about the recommended strategies. Didn't have a chance to attend, you can review the recording here!

See some of the comments from fellow community members made during the workshop! 

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Parks, Recreation and Forestry

Recreation Department

The Sun Prairie Parks, Recreation & Forestry office is open: Monday – Friday 8:00am-4:30pm and available by phone at (608) 837-3449 Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm, by email at


Winter/Spring Guide out now!

Register today! -

Online Guide available here -

Summer Rec Connection (June-August) out March 22nd!

Registration opens for Residents on April 5th, Non-Residents on April 12th

Online guide to be available soon!

Sun Prairie Historical Museum

Closed to the Public – November 1st-May 1st 

“Volunteer work continues behind the scenes to develop new exhibits and advance collections inventory. Anyone interested in volunteering at the Historical Museum should email

We’re Hiring – Join our Team! 

Come have the BEST SUMMER EVER with team PRF.  
For a full list of our summer job openings visit:  

“Recreation is for Everyone” Scholarship form!

Come join us for fun and enriching programs available for the whole family!  Requesting a scholarship is easier than ever with our NEW online form!   This easy, streamlined form provides "no questions asked" financial access to SPPRF programs.

In order to request the Recreation is for Everyone Scholarship you must be a resident of Sun Prairie or enrolled in the Sun Prairie Area School District.

For questions or assistance contact us at 608-837-3449 or

  • Scholarships cover 50% of enrollment fees on most programs
  • No formal documentation is required for approval of financial assistance
  • Online submission with approvals within 2 business days

New in 2022! – Fitness Flex Pass & Fitness “Try it” Week

Not sure what fitness class is right for you?   Enjoy the flexibility to try them all with our new Fit  Flex Pass.   Click here to purchase a 5 or 10 class pass, Fit Flex Pass - Sun Prairie Parks, Recreation & Forestry (, passes never expire! 

Fitness 1

American Red Cross Classes:

Did you know that Sun Prairie Parks Recreation & Forestry now offers Red Cross training? Check out this informational flyer for more! 


Upcoming Programs Not to Be Missed: 

School's out for SPASD, but class is in session at the Westside Community Services Building! Join us for morning and afternoon programs, or both! We also include the option for late pickup (after AM classes only) and early drop-off (PM classes only) lastly we offer the ability to stay in between programs if need be!

Camp Creativo – AM Session – 3/21 – 3/25     Camp Creativo – PM Session – 3/21 – 3/25 

Registration Ends: 03/18/2022

It’s Spring Break! What better way to enjoy your free time than coming to Camp Creativo - Join Ms. Jessica from Jessica’s Art Studio for this week long Art Camp and explore different art mediums such as; acrylic paints, water color paints, modeling clay, 3D building, collage, mosaics and more! Each day will explore different themes and mediums so register for one day or for all of the days! Don’t forget to wear your “Art Clothes”, as we’ll explore messy materials during Camp Creativo.

Games, Art, Tag, and Outdoor Recreation (G.A.T.O.R.)

Registration Ends: 05/06/2022

School’s out for SPASD, but class is in session at the Westside Community Services Building. Join us for a day off school program. Spring is here! Time to grab your friends for a fun filled day with group games, art projects and other outdoor activities. Tennis shoes are required. Be sure to dress for the weather, it’s Wisconsin after all. We will provide a Free Hour of Fun in between AM and PM sessions for anyone that wants to pick up late, drop off early, or stay for both sessions. Select this option when registering to attend.


Archery Lessons!

NASP IBO Style 3-D Archery Session 2

Registration Ends: 04/04/2022

Expand your knowledge and skills to 3-D. This class and range will be entirely devoted to learning the NASP IBO 3-D division. Archers will learn to score the same 3-D range distances and animals that are currently being used in the National Archery in the Schools program. All equipment will be provided. You may bring and use your own bow if it is a Mathews Genesis. No other equipment will be allowed.

Note: This is not a beginner Archery class. Archers must have taken a Sun Prairie Park and Rec Archery class previously or have some shooting experience in the NASP program to participate.


Upcoming Programs not to be missed…

Coed Couch to 5k

Registration Ends: 03/30/2022

Are you interested in running your first 5K? Join Jamie Adcock, Madison's Running Diva Mom, for this gentle introduction to running. Jamie's program slowly and painlessly prepares your mind and body to run a 5K race in a supportive community environment. We'll start off alternating between walking and running small distances (one minute at a time), and slowly build up endurance over the course of ten weeks, so you're ready to run 5 kilometers - or 30-45 minutes non-stop. This full training program also includes injury prevention and stretching tips. This season's supportive group will include participants from Sun Prairie, Deforest and Cottage Grove Parks and Recreation Departments. The accountability group will run a celebratory 5K at the last class on June 8.

Pop Art Spectacular

Registration Ends: 03/31/2022

This 4-week class will focus on different kinds of pop art. From Warhol’s Campbell soup cans to the cartoon designs of Keith Haring this class is sure to be a colorful trip through the world of pop art. 

Rec on the Go Mar/April – Spring has Sprung

Registration Ends: 03/31/2022

Rec on the go is a themed based exploration kits for kids ages 5 and up. Each bi-monthly will feature crafts, experiments, and other fun activities for kids. Pick up or Delivery is available.

Non-residents must use curbside pick-up.

Pick-up and delivery will be available April 7 & 8. Participants will be emailed when kits are ready so make sure your email address is up to date.

Thank Goodness it’s Thursday – Creekside   |   Thank Goodness it’s Thursday – Meadowview

Registration Ends: 3/31/2022

Join us every early-release day for an afternoon of action-packed activities. Each session will feature a healthy balance of academic, recreation and social activities that support educational achievement and personal growth. On most days of the program participants will rotate through a variety of age-appropriate games, activities and crafts that revolve around the monthly theme. Participants will have time carved out to complete homework and/or silently read. An afterschool snack will be provided.

These programs are open to any Sun Prairie Area School District students, regardless of the school they attend. However, no transportation is provided to the sites at this time.

Scholarships are available for this program. For more information and to apply visit or call 608-837-3449.

This month's theme: Dino Discoveries

Jurassic Parks 5K & 8K Run!

Register for the FIRST EVER Jurassic Parks 5K/8K/Dog Jog/FREE Kids Dino Dash! There is something for the whole family.

Join Parker N. Rex, our official mascot, on May 7th to run through the parks on our trail system! Run through 2 parks when you sign up for the 5K and three parks when you sign up for the 8K!  

Register at

Registration includes shirt, race bib, and goodie bag.

Packet Pick Up and Pre-Registration: May 6th 8:30-7:00 PM at the Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Office, 2598 West Main Street, Sun Prairie, WI 53590 or morning of the race at Stoneridge Estates Park starting at 7 AM

Jurassic Parks Flyer Opens in new window

Participate in Plant Dane Program!

The City of Sun Prairie’s Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department (SPPRF) is excited to participate in the Plant Dane Program. This program provides Dane County residents, nonprofits, and schools the opportunity to purchase or donate native plants at a reduced rate.

In January, the SPPRF Department submitted a project proposal to the Plant Danetake good tree seeds Plant in healthy soil plant in the open give fertilizer and water Opens in new window Program for the department to accept native plant donations. The proposal was accepted and approved in late February. The purpose is to use native plants strategically throughout the Sun Prairie park system to replace small pockets of turf grass, which can be difficult to maintain due to seasonal conditions and high utilization. The incorporation of native plants will effectively maintain perennial ground cover as well as enhance foraging and refuge areas for local pollinators and wildlife. Additional benefits include minimal maintenance, increased water infiltration and improved ground water quality, enhanced aesthetic of surround landscape, and more. The City is eager to educate the community about this program and receive their support.

“We’re excited to participate in this program and invite the community to donate plants through the Plant Dane Program to help us restore and increase native plant diversity in our city parks,” said Cindy Burtley, Parks and Forestry Division Manager. “It is important to understand the vital ecosystem services that native plants provide throughout our park system and how we can use them strategically throughout Sun Prairie to benefit both human and ecological communities.” To purchase or donate native plants at the reduced rate, please visit program by March 22, 2022 and select City of Sun Prairie Parks as the donation recipient.

Public Safety

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Citizens Fire Academy (CFA) is back!

Sun Prairie Fire & Rescue is proud to announce that we are bringing the Citizens Fire Academy (CFA) back after a long COVID hiatus! 

The Citizens Fire Academy is an interactive program designed to familiarize the citizens and business owners of SPF's service area with the personnel, equipment, and operations of our department. The Citizens Fire Academy is designed to increase public awareness and create a safer environment; both in the home and the workplace. Finally, it provides an amazing forum for the department and participants to share information.

If you are interested please email your application to by April 1, 2022. Spaces are limited so do not delay. We hope to see you there, this class is going to be awesome!! Applications can be found at the link below! 

Applications can be found at the link below! 2022 CFA Application

The Wisconsin Association of Women Police (WAWP)

The Wisconsin Association of Women Police (WAWP) is a professional organization created by women in the law enforcement profession. Founded in 1983, the WAWP is governed by a set of by-laws and is managed by a Board of Directors, representative of all regions of the State of Wisconsin. The organization strives to enhance the professional image and recognition of women in law enforcement and related work.

“The WAWP is the Wisconsin Chapter of the International Association of Women Police (IAWP). The IAWP was established in Los Angeles, California USA in 1915 by the first American policewomen as an international organization to provide professional development, mentoring, training, networking and recognition for female law enforcement officers and civilian support staff, as well as increase the numbers of women in policing. One-hundred years later, IAWP has members in more than 60 countries and continues the same traditions established by the founders.”

Officer Jill Koll, Officer Jen Nichols, Officer Michelle Schultz, Officer Mackenzie Miller and Detective Cathy Schultz attended the 2022 Wisconsin Association of Women Police’s training conference at Osthoff Resort. It provided a great training and networking event for all involved.

women police

Traffic Fatality Statistics 2021 

Dane County is experiencing an unprecedented number of fatalities from motor vehicle crashes involving both speeding and alcohol or drug use, according to Sgt. Matt Meyer, Dane County Sheriff’s Office and co-chair for the county’s Traffic Safety Commission (TSC). A summary at a recent TSC quarterly meeting showed that during the fourth quarter of 2021, two of every three fatalities on Dane County roads resulted from crashes where both were a factor.

From October to December 2021, ten deaths resulted from six fatal crashes in the cities of Madison, Sun Prairie and Middleton and towns of Montrose and Dunkirk. Six of these deaths occurred in crashes that involved both speeding and alcohol and/or drug use.

This continues a trend, Meyer said. “During all of 2021, we saw seven fatal crashes resulting in eleven deaths that involved both speeding and alcohol or drug use. This is an increase of over forty percent from averages in the past five years.” 

“Excessive speed or use of alcohol or drugs results in increased risk for traffic crashes. But the combination of these two factors is especially deadly,” said Sgt. Jason Lefeber of the Sun Prairie Police Department, a member of the TSC. “When a crash involves multiple factors, it dramatically inPedestrian Safety Task Force Hub Sitecreases the likelihood it will result in death. In the Sun Prairie area, we see our share of this, and no family should have to face the tragic results.”

The overall number of traffic fatalities also increased significantly last year. Meyer noted an average of 33 crash-related deaths annually over the past five years, but 48 deaths in 2021, a 33% increase. Almost half of these were speed-related, and fatalities occurred on all types of roads throughout the county, including in rural areas. In the City of Sun Prairie, 5 of the 7 crashes with fatalities or serious injuries in 2021 involved excessive speed/drugs/alcohol, said Sgt. Lefeber. In those 7 crashes there was 1 fatality and 9 injuries. 

In response to the alarming trends in traffic safety, four TSC-member workgroups are developing strategies to address: (1) driving impaired by alcohol and drug use, (2) risky driving behavior, including speeding, distracted driving, and use of occupant protection measures, (3) pedestrian crashes, and (4) racial disparities and traffic injuries. Additionally, these workgroups will collaborate with community task forces meeting around Dane County to propose solutions for locally identified issues.

In addition to the TSC, locally Sun Prairie has created a Task Force to address pedestrian safety. It consists of a group of city departments and staff members who are committed to enhancing pedestrian safety in Sun Prairie. You can find more information about the Task Force and follow our ongoing efforts at our Hub Site: 

Coffee With A Cop! 

184616706_4117664701605804_2909257757299914193_n Opens in new windowYou can stop and have coffee with a cop! This will be held at different locations throughout Sun Prairie. Community members interested in this opportunity to connect with officers can go to the Sun Prairie Police Department Facebook account and then follow the event page for updates. 

  • The mission of Coffee With A Cop is to break down barriers between police officers and the citizens they serve by removing agendas and allowing opportunities to ask questions, voice concerns, and get to know officers in your neighborhood. The next sessions will be: 
  • Monday, March 28th, 2022 at Beans N’ Cream on Cannery Square from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.| 345 Cannery Square, Sun Prairie, WI 53590. 

Changes in date and time may occur due to police-related circumstances. You can stay connected by following updates posted from Facebook and Twitter on the Sun Prairie Police Department's webpage. Just click here!

Sun Prairie EMS Vaccination and Testing Services!


Sun Prairie Media Center


Sun Prairie residents will have some important decisions to make when they head to the polls on April 5. And the Sun Prairie Media Center is offering extensive programming to help residents make those decisions. 

On March 18 SPASD School Board candidates Stephen Elmer, Lisa Goldsberry, Latoya Holiday, Diana McFarland, and Steve Schroeder will record a “Talk of the Town” forum taped at Sun Prairie City Hall Council Chambers. The five candidates are vying for three available seats. The taping is scheduled to start at 3:30 PM and is open to the public.

This follows candidate programming already recorded: On Sunday, March 6, the Sun Prairie Action Resource Coalition sponsored a candidate forum at the Sun Prairie East High School’s Performing Arts Center that included candidates for SPASD School Board, City of Sun Prairie city council, and the Dane County Board. 

Also District 4 challengers Russ Wied and David Virgell recorded a forum at the Sun Prairie Media Center earlier in March. Wied and Virgell are vying for the seat left open by departing City Council Alder Mary Polenske. 

Also Dane County Board candidate Brenda Yang, who is running unopposed for the District 19 board seat, conducted an interview at the SPMC. 

All candidate programming is being broadcast on KSUN and is available for on-demand viewing through the SPMC’s Sun Prairie Media Center app, on, and through the Media Center’s Roku and Apple TV channels. For times when all candidate programming will be seen on KSUN, please check the schedule at

In addition, there are several interviews with candidates that have been conducted for 103.5 FM The Sun Community Radio with hosts Bill Baker and Andy Schoenherr. For times when those interviews will run, please check


Wisconsin Community Media, in conjunction with the Alliance for Community Media’s Midwest Region, has announced their annual award winners for the 2022 Best of the Midwest Media Fest.

The Sun Prairie Media Center is happy to announce that 18 original shows created for either KSUN television or 103.5 FM The Sun Community Radio are set to receive awards at the fest, which will be held in Madison on Thursday, May 12. 

Included in the 18 awards is a “Best in Show” winner for programming produced by a senior: SPMC member Tim Hatfield won the award for his short form documentary “The Making of the Wetmore Park Splash Pad,” which documented the construction of the city’s first splash pad.

Elsewhere SPMC programming was honored with two “Excellence” awards, one for its bi-weekly newscast “Sun Prairie News,” hosted and produced by Dan Presser, and “Wisconversations,” which featured a discussion with Elvis Cordova, Vice-President of Policy and Advocacy at the National Recreation and Park Association. 

Six additional programs produced at the SPMC were selected for “Achievement” awards, including the 2021 SPARC Spring Candidate Forum, which featured participation from multiple city council and school board members and was filmed before the spring 2021 election, the SPMC’s 2021 coverage of the Sun Prairie High School Commencement Ceremony, the weekly movie review program “Reel Reviews,” Christine Bright’s “Parenting Game” series, and two 103.5 FM radio series: the “Multicultural Fair Radio Reboot,” which featured interviews with a wide variety of Sun Prairie residents, and “What Are We Building?”, a program about new building projects, development, and growth in Sun Prairie.

Finally, eight SPMC shows are taking home “Merit” awards, including four 103.5 FM music series produced by Mark Gonwa, “Greg’s List,” a 103.5 FM music series from Greg Bump, “Good Morning Sun Prairie,” Bill Baker’s Monday morning radio program, “Inside Your City,” a talk show featuring city administrator Aaron Oppenheimer and “Star” editor Chris Mertes, the virtual “Groundhog Day 2021” special that featured last year’s prognostication from Jimmy the Groundhog, and SPMC’s coverage of the WIAA football sectional final between Sun Prairie and Mukwonago that was broadcast live from Oconomowoc High School. 

SPMC director Jeff Robbins was happy with the results. “We have a fantastic collection of member producers,” said Robbins. “And with a whopping 18 awards, clearly the judges for the annual Media Fest agree!”

“Besides thanking our awesome producers, I would like to thank our Friends of Sun Prairie Media Center group,” continued Robbins. “They picked up the cost for entry fees so producers could enter the judging process with no cost out of pocket. So kudos to our awesome Friends group!”

To be eligible for an award, a program must have been produced and/or distributed through the facilities of a community media center and premiered on a cable access channel, community radio station, or its website.

Want to be an award-winning community media producer? The Sun Prairie Media Center is currently looking for producers to take advantage of its awesome studio facilities and excellent staff. Anyone interested should call 608-837-4193 or check out, where program ideas can be submitted directly to SPMC staff.

Episodes of SPMC’s award-winning programs can be accessed by going to or by downloading the Sun Prairie Media Center app, available for free from the App Store or Google Play. 

More information on Wisconsin Community Media and the Media Fest can be found at


"Sun Prairie, Did You Know...?" is an ongoing digital storytelling project where Black community leaders share their Sun Prairie experiences. The focus of this project is to honor the history of different Black leaders while also teaching the community about who these individuals are. 
This is a joint effort between City staff that includes Administration, the Sun Prairie Media Center,, Sun Prairie Historical Library & Museueum as well as participating community members. To be involved in the project and recommend other Black community leaders to be featured, please contact Jake King, Communications and Diversity Strategist, at


Meet Marilyn Ruffin! She is a Black Community Leader who has an important story to share about her history, experience, and contributions to Sun Prairie.

  • Marilyn served as the first Black Sun Prairie School Board Member?
  • About some of the challenges she had to face in order to serve in that role?
  • That Marilyn is not a POC (Person of Color), BIPOC (Black Indigenous Person of Color), or minority? She is a Black woman (and she says to ALWAYS capitalize the “B” in Black). 
To watch the full version of Marilyn’s story, please click here 

This video and other local programming content is housed on the Sun Prairie Media Center’s website. KSUN is available on Charter Spectrum (channel 983) and TDS (channels 13 and 1013). Live streams and on-demand programming are available as well on Roku and Apple TV devices, at, and on the free Sun Prairie Media Center app, available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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103.5 FM The Sun Community Radio has been your radio home for Cardinals softball and baseball action for several years and is set to broadcast several games throughout the upcoming 2022 season.

Anticipation for Cardinal softball and baseball has never been higher after the Sun Prairie baseball team added to its record of state baseball titles by winning its ninth Division 1 championship with an 11-2 victory over Bay Port on July 1, 2021.

The Cardinals softball team also had a successful 2021 season, making it all the way to the championship game before being edged out by Kaukauna 1-0 in the title matchup.

But in order to have a successful broadcast season, the Sun Prairie Media Center needs announcers! If you have interest in getting the best seat in the house and have availability to call any number of games, please contact Jeff Robbins at or at 608-837-4193. Free equipment training is available and access to a department vehicle is also available to licensed drivers.

The SPMC is also looking for corporate sponsors for their upcoming coverage. Again, please contact Jeff Robbins at or at 608-837-4193 if you are interested.

Oh, and go Cardinals!

Sun Prairie Public LibrarySun Prairie Public Library Logo

Gentle Tai Chi

Thursday March 17, 24 and 31 from 2-2:45 p.m. 

Take an afternoon rejuvenation break and join us for Gentle Tai Chi! Tai Chi is slow, mindful exercise which focuses on attention to the breath and has been proven to be helpful for strength, alignment, flexibility, stress management, cognitive fitness, and balance of body, mind and spirit. It's practical, relaxing, and can be modified for a wide range of special needs. This five week series is facilitated by certified master instructor, Jody Curley, M.A. This is a five week series and you may register for any session that suits your schedule, be it one, two, or all five. Beginner's welcome anytime. This program will be held via Zoom. Please register on the Events Calendar at, and Zoom details will be emailed to you.

Monday Mah Jong

Monday, March 7-Monday, April 25 from 1-3 p.m.

Discussion Room 1

Would you like to learn to play Mah-jong? Mah-jong originated in 19th century China, and is a game played, usually by four people, with 136 or 144 rectangular pieces called tiles. The object is to collect winning sets of these tiles as in card games such as gin rummy. The classes will be held in Discussion Room 1. Space is limited and registrants may sign up for no more than two classes in the series in order to learn the basics of the game. Please register on the Events Calendar at For more information, email or call the Adult Information Desk at 825-0702. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics

Public Health Madison & Dane County will be holding walk-in vaccine clinics in the library’s Community Room on Fridays 3/18 and 3/25 from 3:00-5:30 p.m. Everyone 5 and older is welcome. No ID or insurance required, but children 5-17 must have a parent or guardian present. First, second, and booster doses will be offered. Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson available while supplies last.

Sun Prairie Public Library Provides Kanopy for Patrons

The Sun Prairie Public Library (SPPL) is excited to announce the launch of Kanopy, an on-demand streaming video platform for public libraries and educational institutions that provides access to a variety of content.

Kanopy Digital Streaming Services provides over 30,000 films and documentaries for all ages. Content available on the platform includes popular movies, cultural documentaries, instructional films, television series, and Kanopy Kids. The estimated cost for the Sun Prairie Public Library is $5,500 annually. In order to view content, there is a monthly allotment of play credits available to the user. Included in the annual cost of this service is 10 play credits per patron per month. The inclusion of this service is part of the SPPL’s focus to ensure free access to educational materials and resources.

“Video streaming services can be quite expensive and one of the roles of the public library is to bridge socio-economic divides by providing access to technology and digital services, as well as physical resources,” said Svetha Hetzler, Library Director. “Free access to resources and materials in all formats allows all residents to have life-long learning opportunities.”

The addition of this new service was made possible by a one-time $5,500 donation from the Sun Prairie Public Library Foundation. As this new service is rolled out, library staff will be gathering usage data and statistics to determine if a request for another year of funding will be made.

“The Foundation has been a proud supporter of innovative library services over the past two decades,” said Theresa Stevens, Executive Director of the Sun Prairie Public Library Foundation. “Over the years, library staff have demonstrated the need of emerging services like Overdrive and Hoopla, which have now become part of the Sun Prairie Public Library’s regular operating budget.” To begin accessing video content with Kanopy, please visit:

Flicks & Bricks

Encanto graphic

Sun Prairie Utilities


Sun Prairie Utilities feels that it is our responsibility to give something back to the community and contribute to educational efforts. Because of this, each year we sponsor two $1,000 scholarships for seniors attending Sun Prairie High School.

Scholarship applications must be turned into the Sun Prairie High School Guidance Office by April 1. Contact your school guidance counselor if you have any questions.