City of Sun Prairie Revaluation Notice

The City of Sun Prairie Assessor's office will be conducting an Exterior Revaluation in 2023.  This means assessment staff will not be preforming interior inspections of all properties.  Staff will verify/validate the current interior descriptions of properties. Staff will use digital imaging, when possible, for the exterior reviews.  Some exterior reviews in the field may be necessary.  Income producing commercial properties will be sent a 2-year income and expense request early in 2023.  Some commercial properties may require an interior inspection.  


Assessors and authorized staff are permitted by Wisconsin State Statutes 943.13 and 943.15 to enter private property to perform assessments, however they may only do so once per year unless the owner consents (See Section 70.05(4m), Wisconsin Statutes).

Entry Refusal

Property owners may refuse entry to their property by giving notice to the Assessor's office at the time of the request. However, if a property owner denies a written request delivered by certified mail to view the property, they shall not be allowed to contest the amount of the assessment before the Board of Review (See Section 70.47(7)(aa), Wisconsin Statutes).


Any further questions regarding City of Sun Prairie revaluations please contact our office at 608-825-1186.