important news and updates


PLEASE CONTACT THE DIVISION ASAP IF THERE IS ANY COVID-19 CONCERNS ON YOUR PROJECT in order not to put inspectors at unnecessary risk.  We have more than one instance now where there have been COVID cases on construction sites, and our office was not notified in advance.  Do your part to keep everyone as safe as possible and please let us know when something is going on.  We won’t and don’t need any specific information, just a head’s up that it is an at risk situation.  Communication is key!  



The Sun Prairie Building Inspection Division has moved to a new online permitting software. All permit and commercial plan review customers are now able to apply for permits and commercial plan reviews, schedule inspections, receive real-time feedback on their applications, and track the status of their permit and inspection requests through a single online digital portal. To use the online portal you will need to sign up for your own free account.


With this new software change we are no longer accepting paper applications. Please see our OpenGov page for step by step procedures regarding OpenGov. 


Please see the City of Sun Prairie Building Inspection's calendar for dates the Building Inspection Division is closed. We will follow the same closure days as City Hall. 

Click here to view the City’s calendar. 

Weather :  While winter weather has begun the Building Inspection Division would like to remind you snow and ice must be removed from sidewalks within 24 hours after snowfall ends. Sidewalks that are walkways for school children should be cleared as soon as possible.