1. Bike Trails

    The City of Sun Prairie has bike maps available for the public.

  2. Business Financial Resources

    The City of Sun Prairie maintains a variety of financial assistance programs for local businesses.

  3. Building Permit Requirements

    Get information needed before starting construction projects.

  4. Ice Rinks, Sledding Hills & Ski Trails

    Find schedule information as well as locations of our facilities.

  5. Parks

    Enjoy one of our beautiful community parks.

  6. Recycling Information

    Our community is proud of our refuse and recycle program. Recycling is the 1 hands-on environmental activity that we can take part in regularly, since we all face choices several times each day about what goes in our refuse cart.

  7. Snow & Ice Information

    Stay safe during the winter months when snow and ice are on the roads.

  8. Waste Collection Schedules

    Get information regarding the collections taken by the city.