Current Task Forces

Sustainability Task Force

The Sustainability Task Force was created in March of 2020 to convene local leaders and advocates for the purpose of creating a vision for sustainability in Sun Prairie and developing strategic goals to assist the City in meeting the vision. The task force was chaired by Alderperson Mike Jacobs and co-facilitated by Sarah Sauer and Jeremy Cramer. 

The Task Force completed its work in April of 2021. Learn more about the Sustainability Task Force, its findings, and final report here.

Aldermanic Districts Task Force

Following a discussion regarding the number of alderperson districts in Sun Prairie in January of 2020, the Common Council established a task force charged with gathering input from city residents and making a recommendation to the Common Council regarding the number of alderperson districts and the number of alderpersons representing each district which the City of Sun Prairie should have in the future to effectively represent the city’s growing population. The task force is chaired by Bill Connors. 

Contact Us

  1. General Phone: (608) 837-2511 

    Send an Email to all elected officials

    Mailing Address:
    City Hall
    300 E. Main Street
    Sun Prairie, WI 53590

    Individual Council Member Contact Information

    District 1 (SE Quadrant):

    Theresa McIlroy
    Phone: (608) 354-8513

    Steve Stocker
    Phone: (608) 354-8511

    District 2 (NE Quadrant):

    Bob Jokisch
    Phone: (608) 354-5553

    Theresa Stevens
    Phone: (608) 206-3916

    District 3 (SW Quadrant):

    Maureen Crombie
    Phone: (608) 669-7058

    Mike Jacobs
    Phone: (608) 438-6983

    District 4 (NW Quadrant):

    Faustina Bohling
    (Bio TBD)
    Phone: (608) 354-5705

    Mary Polenske
    Phone: (608) 512-9115