Comprehensive Plan 2019-2039

Comp Plan CoverThe City of Sun Prairie Comprehensive Plan is a resource for managing the growth of the community.  It is designed to be a working document used by City officials to direct community development decisions, to assist with capital and operational budgeting, and as a tool to focus and stimulate private housing, business, and industrial investment in the community.

A Comprehensive Plan functions as an umbrella document that considers most issues affected by the City government, and it is to be used in coordination with other documents and ordinances. The plan refers to many other plans and studies that address specific topics in greater detail.

The plan is implemented through the use of ordinances, especially the zoning ordinance and subdivision ordinance. This plan is intended to help the Plan Commission and City Council apply those ordinances; in fact, State statutes require that certain decisions must be consistent with this Plan.

The plan was adopted on September 17, 2019, and consists of two volumes and four appendices.

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