October 3, 2019

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Department Updates

City Clerk's Office:  The City of Sun Prairie is expanding its polling locations from four to eight. Read on to learn about the types of facilities considered and the new polling location plan. 

Engineering Department: Help protect our waters by safely removing leaves from streets and storm drains near your home! Read on to learn how you can join us in keeping our streets leaf-free. 

Finance Department: The Mayor's 2020 Recommended Budget was presented to the Committee of the Whole on Tuesday, October 1. The proposed budget balances community needs and priorities with the current economic outlook of modest growth.

Parks and Recreation Department: The parking lot project is now complete and looks great. Thank you for your patience during construction and we hope to see you soon! Read on to learn about upcoming programs including Jr. Ballers Basketball, Future Leaders of Sun Prairie: Leadership Workshop, American Red Cross Babysitter Training Course and  Holiday Shop 'Til You Drop in Chicago. 

Police Department: As part of state and national efforts to help keep roadways safe for all travelers, Sun Prairie Police Department participated in the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign. Learn more about the results and see photos from recent community events.

Public Works Department: Our next round of brush collection starts on Monday, October 7. We're sharing important recycling tips to reduce contamination so that you can become a super recycler! 

Sun Prairie Media Center: Join us at Culver's on October 7 from 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. for Share Night! 

Sun Prairie Public Library: Access to the public restrooms will be limited until November 30. Both the Men's and Women's restrooms in our front lobby as well as the Family restroom in the Youth Services department will be affected by this work. Thank you for your patience! Join us for Dungeons and Dragons with Nate to learn D&D and a presentation by Dr. Sarah Hessenauer on Crazy Talk: A History of Mental Illness Language. Other events to look forward to include Upstage Stigma, Family Adventure Day and Bottoms Up! with Wisconsin writer Jim Draeger.

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City Clerk's Office

City Doubles Polling Locations

At the September 17th Common Council meeting, the City Clerk’s Office presented a plan to expand the city’s polling locations from four to eight.  In addition to looking for four new polling locations, the city also needed to find a replacement location for Patrick Marsh Middle School. 

Many types of facilities were considered, including churches, non-profit and for-profit businesses, publicly owned buildings, and privately owned buildings.  The Clerk’s Office reached out to each location to explore their interest and to determine if their facility would meet the criteria to serve as a polling location.  Some of the considerations were:


ADA Accessibility

Square Footage



Locked Storage Space

Tables/Chairs for Use

Layout/Voter Flow

Long Term Commitment


Scheduling Conflicts

Access to facility for Multiple Days per Election

After reviewing the criteria, some locations determined that their facility was not best suited to be a polling place.  The Clerk’s Office conducted 16 site visits throughout the summer which resulted in seven of the potential facilities agreeing to serve as polling locations.  After thorough comparison and analysis, the Clerk’s Office identified the five facilities that best met the city’s needs.  The new polling location plan is listed below.


  • Colonial Club, 301 Blankenheim Lane
  • The Faith Place Church, 211 East Linnerud Drive


  • Heartland Church, 800 Wilburn Road
  • United Methodist Church, 702 North Street


  • Public Library, 1350 Linnerud Drive
  • Living Water Church, 3075 Prospect Drive


  • Westside Community Service Building, 2598 West Main Street
  • Focus Church, 411 North Thompson Road

All Sun Prairie registered voters will be notified via postcard of their polling location.  Additionally, residents will be able to check their polling location using myvote.wi.gov in the near future. 

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2020 Recommended Budget CoverThe Mayor's 2020 Recommended Budget was presented to the Committee of the Whole on Tuesday, October 1. The proposed budget balances community needs and priorities with the current economic outlook of modest growth. The 2020 proposed budget includes a modest increase in the tax levy of 7.6% which is a 3.017% tax increase on the average home. This equals a $62 increase on the average home in the City Sun Prairie, compared to 2019’s tax increase of $74 on the average home. 

The Common Council underwent a strategic plan process in the spring of 2019.  Eight themes or priorities came out of this process.  They include human services, complete transportation network, sustainable Sun Prairie, dynamic economy, employer of choice, quality city services, downtown & central corridor vibrancy, and  housing  &  neighborhoods.  The  2020 budget  includes  an  emphasis  on  quality  city  services,  human services, and employer of choice. 

The 2020 recommended budget can be reviewed here.

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Leaf-free Streets for Clean Waters

As the rainy weather continues, help protect our waters by safely removing leaves from streets and storm drains near your home! Please always bag or compost your leaves. Not only do leaves clog drains, when it rains, stormwater flows through leaf piles in streets creating a “leaf tea” that is rich in dissolved phosphorus. This travels through storm sewers making its way to our lakes, rivers and streams. Too much phosphorus can lead to toxic algae blooms, low oxygen levels and green murky waters, none of which are good for animals living in the water or those of us who use it for recreation. 

Did you know that keeping leaves off of streets in the fall before it rains can reduce the amount of phosphorus in urban stormwater by 80% compared to no leaf removal? It’s a great way to help protect our waters!

Join us in keeping streets leaf-free this fall!  Before the rain…
  1. Safely remove leaves from the street in front of your home and nearby storm drains.
  2. Compost and mulch your leaves into lawns and gardens so that it can act as a natural fertilizer.
  3. Residents with a recycle permit can bag and drop off leaves at the Recycle Center located at 1798 South Bird Street. 
  4. Bag your leaves in preparation for Yard Waste Collection which will start Monday, November 4. 
  5. Sign up to receive Leaf-free Streets Rain Alerts this fall (Oct. 1- Nov. 30) from Ripple-Effects Wisconsin. Alerts will be issued (via text or email) 1-2 days before a significant rain event reminding you that it's time to remove street leaves.

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Parks and Recreation

Parking Update for the Westside Community Service Building

The parking lot project is now complete and looks great.  There is plenty of room to park on your next visit to our building. Thank you for your patience during construction and we hope to see you soon!

Coming Soon!

Pumpkins in the ParkPumpkin in the Park
Saturday, 10/5, 9:30-11:30 am
Ages 2-6
$12 R/$18 NR

Celebrate the pumpkin with this fun-filled day in the park! Bring your own pumpkin to join in the pumpkin rolling contest and pumpkin decoration. Enjoy pumpkin-themed activities, a pumpkin hunt and pumpkin-themed snacks.

Thank Goodness It’s Thursday (TGIT)
Thursdays, 10/3-31, 2:05-5:30 pm
Ages K-5
$65 R/$85 NR*

This month's theme: Oranges and Oreos

Join us every early-release day for an afternoon of action-packed activities.  Each session will feature a healthy balance of academic, recreation and social activities that support educational achievement and personal growth.  On most days of the program participants will rotate through a variety of age-appropriate games, activities and crafts that revolve around the monthly theme.  Participants will have time carved out to complete homework and/or silently read.  An afterschool snack will be provided.

*Note the fee has been adjusted from the original rec guide publication.

Jr. Ballers Basketball
Thursdays, 10/3-11/7, 6:00-6:45 pm
Ages 5-6
$33 R/$50 NR

Hit the hardcourt for a fast-paced, fun introduction to basketball.  Classes focus on hand-eye coordination, body control and teamwork, while beginning to develop fundamental basketball skills such as dribbling, shooting, passing and catching.

Fundamental Speed Strength
Mondays/Wednesdays, 10/7-30, 4:30-5:30 pm
Ages 9-11
$96 R/$96 NR

This is a 60 minute training session designed for 9-11 year old athletes with the focus of learning and developing fundamental sport skills and refining fundamental movement skills.  This approach is rooted in a long-term athlete development philosophy.  This age is known as the "Golden Age of Skill Development".  This is an optimal time to learn and even perfect fundamental skills the athlete can use to further enhance their athletic development.  Each session will focus on a combination of the following skills:

  • Athletic Position
  • Body Awareness
  • First-step quickness
  • Hand-eye/foot-eye coordination
  • Integrated Core Stability
  • Fundamental Movement Skills for Sports
  • Foundational Strength (Body Weight)

Wiggle Room-Drop-In!
Tuesdays, 10/8-12/17, 9:00-11:00 am
Ages 0-6
$3/child**payable at the door
**children 1 year old and under are free

We have the room for your little ones to get their wiggles and giggles out! The Community room in the Westside Community services Building will be opened up and transformed into the perfect place for your kids to play, socialize and get some exercise.  This program is most appropriate for children over 12 months and under 6 years old.  Pre-registration is not available for this program.  A parent/caregiver is required to attend with their child(ren).  New for 2019! We have extended the program from 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

Future Leaders of Sun Prairie: Leadership Workshop
Thursday, 10/10, 2:30-8:00 pm
Ages 12-17
$0 R/$10 NR

This active and engaging leadership program will inspire and motivate teens to become leaders within the community. The program focuses on building character, college/career readiness and community service.  Through interactive activities and exercises, teens will gain greater control over their lives and learn how to recognize and harness the power of their own leadership skills.  Teens should bring a lunch and snacks. Free for residents!

Discussion and learning topics include:

  • Happiness and gratitude
  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
  • Self-confidence
  • Communication
  • Goal Setting

Tumble Tots
Saturdays, 10/12-11/16
Ages 18-24 mos.*, 8:30-9:00 am
Ages 3-4, 10:00-10:45 am
$33 R/$50 NR
* Parent/guardian participation is required for this class.

Tumble into gymnastics!  This introductory gymnastics class will improve your child's coordination, balance and motor skills. Classes will be run in an obstacle course style with different stations each week.

Gymnastics Intermediate
Saturdays, 10/12-11/16, 12:00-12:50 pm
Ages 5-9
$35 R/$53 NR

This class is designed for all genders who have previous gymnastics experience.  Students will continue to learn gymnastics body positions and vocabulary.  They will build flexibility, strength and confidence through the practice of beam, bars, floor and vault (trampoline). Students will further develop their gross and fine motor skills through gymnastics workouts. Cartwheel and forward somersault are recommended skills.

American Red Cross Babysitter Training Course1200px-American_Red_Cross_logo.svg
Saturday, 10/19, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Ages 11-15
$70 R/ $90 NR

This training provides kids, ages 11-15, with the information and skills necessary to provide safe and responsible care in the absence of parents/guardians.  This training will also help participants develop skills in leadership, professionalism, basic care, safety, safe play and first aid. All sessions cover the same material. Please bring a sack lunch.

Holiday Shop ‘Til You Drop In Chicago
Friday, 11/22, 8:00-8:30 pm
All Ages
$50 R/$70 NR

Enjoy a day of holiday shopping in Chicago! This trip is open to all family members; however, all minors must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.  Set your own course for a day of sightseeing or shopping.

The chartered coach bus will board at the Family Aquatic Center, 920 Linnerud Drive at 7:45 am, leave by 8:00 am and will arrive in Chicago at approximately 10:30 am.  The bus will drop you off on Michigan Avenue near the "Magnificent Mile". You will be on your own until approximately 5:00 pm when the bus will pick you up at the drop-off location and depart for home. We will return to Sun Prairie around 8:00 pm.  We will not be stopping on the way home, so bring a brown bag super, eat before departing Chicago or purchase food in Chicago to eat on the way home.

Registration/refund deadline is October 26. For more information or to register for these and other Recreation programs please visit the Recreation Department page at rec.cityofsunprairie.com

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Police Department

Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign Results

As part of state and national efforts to help keep roadways safe for all travelers, Sun Prairie Police officers made 5 OWI arrests during the “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign between August 16 and Labor Day (September 2, 2019).

While the focus of the initiative was to deter impaired driving, officers also issued citations and made arrests during traffic stops for the following:Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

  • 8 speeding violations
  • 15 operating after revocation or suspension violations
  • 8  traffic sign or traffic light violations
  • 5 vehicle equipment / registration violations
  • 14 other traffic violations

"The Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign lasted about two weeks, but our officers work throughout the year to help make our roadways and communities as safe as possible for everyone,” said Sgt. Jason Lefeber.

Sunshine Supper on the Road

The Sun Prairie Fire Department hosted Sunshine Supper on the Road on Wednesday, September 18. It was staffed with first responder volunteers, including District Liaison Officer Jeremy Rademacher. Everyone enjoyed the camaraderie and great food.

Sunshine Supper on the road with Sun Prairie First Responders

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Public Works

October Brush Collection

Our next brush collection starts the week of Monday, October 7. Brush should be set curbside by 7 a.m. on the 1st day of the collection week. To ensure your brush is collected, please place materials curbside appropriately. 

To ensure pick-up, please follow the following guidelines:

  • Brush must be stacked neatly at the curb, piled no more than 4 feet high, with cut ends facing the curb.
  • Leave branches in long segments, as long as 1 person can handle. Do not cut into small segments.
  • Brush should not be piled in a manner that affects motorist visibility, and should also be kept away from trees, signs, parked cars, mailboxes, fire hydrants, and utility poles.
  • Do not put brush in bags, boxes, or trash containers - we will not pick it up. Keep brush in back of curb.
  • Materials greater than 8 inches in diameter must be cut into manageable pieces, and kept separate from brush. Logs and branches 4 inches or more in diameter must be trimmed of all small branches. Materials less than 1 inch in diameter must be tied together in 4 foot bundles, not exceeding 50 pounds.
  • We will not collect brush that is cut or trimmed by contractors. Contractors hired by property owners are responsible for removing the material. Collections are for brush and tree trimmings from a typical residential clean-up, not entire tree removals.
  • Do not mix yard waste in with your brush pile, neither will be collected.
  • Keep brush free of wire, tape, or inorganic materials. The use of string or twine is acceptable.

Not sure of how to place your brush? Review the Do's and Do Not's here.

Please note, materials are not collected in one day. Collections will be conducted in the most expedient method possible, but inclement weather and mechanical problems may create delays.  Collections are generally completed within one week, if you have not been picked up within that time, please call Public Works at 608-837-3050 to inform them of the missed collection. Items will only be considered missed and rescheduled if they were set out by the first day of collection.

Recycling Reminders

recycling pictureThe recycling industry continues to face unprecedented challenges regarding contamination. Contamination rates at the Material Recovery Facility (MRF), where your recyclables are sorted, are increasing. When non-recyclable items are placed in the recycling cart, the facility's contamination rate increases and the ability to recycle correct items decreases. Keeping the recycling clean allows for the maximum amount of recycled material to be recovered.  Contaminants often result in malfunctions and breakdowns to the equipment at the MRF. We’re asking for your help in spreading the word by keeping non-recyclables and trash out of the recycling carts!

Common Contaminants (click here for more): 

  • Brush & yard waste
  • Electronics
  • Styrofoam®, packing peanuts, and other foam plastics, even if there is a recycling symbol on it
  • Non-recyclable plastics:
    • Plastic plates, plastic silverware, toys, random small plastic pieces, plastic lids that are not attached to a container, etc. 
    • If there is not a recycling symbol on it, it should not go in the single-stream
  • Single-serve coffee pods 
  • Full or only partially emptied containers, including: aerosol cans, tin/steel cans with food still in them, plastic containers with food still in them, cardboard boxes with things still in them
  • Extension cords, garden hoses, and other “stringy” items
  • Rubber
  • Frozen food or microwave dinner plates
  • ANY Syringes, with or without needles attached
  • Large metal items/metal items heavier than 10 pounds
  • Diapers
  • Flammable containers 

How can you help?

  • Place only approved recyclables in your recycling cart.  For a current recycling list, please click here (Spanish).
  • Share this new 7-minute video to find out what happens to your recyclables at our Kipp Street Station Material Recovery Facility.
  • Become a Super Recycler! Watch our 11 short and quick recycling tips videos created by Pellitteri Waste Systems highlighting how to recycle better. 

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Sun Prairie Media Center

Culver's KIDS-4 Share Night Set for October 7

On October 7, Culver’s of Sun Prairie, located at 1501 W. Main Street, will donate a portion of all sales between 5-8 pm to KIDS-4, our unique “TV for kids, by kids” media literacy program for Sun Prairie Area School District students in grades 4-8.

‘The timing of the share night this year is perfect,” said Sun Prairie Media Center director Jeff Robbins. “It comes right after our Kick-Off Party on October 1 and during the first week of 2019-2020 crews, so it’s a terrific chance for KIDS-4 families to come out, get to know each other, and start the crew year off right by supporting this tremendous program.”

The 2018 KIDS-4 Share Night was a remarkable success, resulting in a Culver’s donation of $653.85 to the Parents of KIDS-4 fundraising group. That total topped the 2017 number by a whopping 79 percent!Culvers Picture

The Sun Prairie Media Center is currently looking for volunteers to help with the Share Night. Anyone interested should contact Jeff Robbins at jrobbins@cityofsunprairie.com.

"It's important that we get volunteer help at the Culver's Share Night," said Robbins, "because that's the only way to ensure that the percentage of sales that Culver's offers to donate actually gets donated."  

103.5 The Sun Community Radio is planning to do a live remote broadcast that night at Culver’s as well, so anyone interested in being on the radio is also encouraged to stop in!

Money raised on October 7 will be used to buy equipment deemed most necessary by the Sun Prairie Media Center and families currently involved in KIDS-4. Options for the money raised will be discussed at the KIDS-4 Kick-Off Party on October 1.

Robbins would like to thank Culver’s of Sun Prairie owner and manager Duane Sprecher for his great support of KIDS-4 and the Sun Prairie Media Center.

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Sun Prairie Public Library

Sun Prairie Public Library Logo

Bathroom Renovations

Starting Tuesday, October 1, access to the public restrooms will be limited until November 30. Both the Men's and Women's restrooms in our front lobby as well as the Family restroom in the Youth Services department will be affected by this work.

The library building recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. During that time, accessibility guidelines have changed, as have lighting options, and water-saving fixtures have become available. The public restrooms have not had so much as a coat of fresh paint in 20 years, so new fixtures, lighting, updating the layout, and adding diaper-changing stations are much needed changes.

Starting October 1, lobby restrooms will be closed (including drinking fountain) and patrons will be directed to the Family restroom in the Youth Services department. When the lobby restrooms are finished, work will begin on the Family restroom.

The Family restroom currently takes up part of the Storytime Room. It was decided that the only way to make the Family restroom large enough to meet accessibility guidelines was to completely dismantle it and rebuild it. This part of the project will cause considerable disruption in the Youth Services area. Storytime will be held in the Community Room during construction of the new Family restroom. When the project is finished in late November, both the Storytime Room and Family Restroom will be larger.

Coming Soon

Dungeons and Dragons with Nate
Dungeon Master Nate will lead us and we’ll learn D&D together! Teens must register for each session they wish to attend. Space is limited. If you have your own dice, please bring them with you! Registration is required by the teen at the Children's Desk or by phone (608-825-0701). Registration for this event will close on October 3, 2019 at 6:00pm.Only for teens in 6th-12th grade.
Thursday, October 3, 6pm
Library Community Room

Upstage Stigma
UpStage Stigma is a medley of song, dance, theater, and other performances that link the challenges of mental illness to our universal experience and break the barriers of stigma through art, empathy, and advocacy. Now in its third year of annual productions featuring a wide range of performances, Upstage Stigma proudly brings a selection of these performances to the Sun Prairie Library! Please note: this program is intended for mature audiences.
Saturday, October 5, 1-2:30pm
Library Community Room

Crazy Talk: A History of Mental Illness Language
This presentation will examine the history of language surrounding mental illness, how this language has evolved, how the words we have used and still use when talking about mental illness may contribute to the stigma surrounding mental illness, and where we are now (for example, the current concept of "person-first language"). Presented by Dr. Sarah Hessenauer, Department of Social Work, UW-Whitewater.
Tuesday, October 8, 6:30pm
Library Community Room

Family Adventure Day: Monster Madness
Make a monster, play a monster game, just don't become a monster! (Eeek!) Geared for Grades k-5, but ALL ages welcome with their adult! No registration - just come, stay, & play!
Thursday, October 10, 2:30pm
Library Community Room

Bottoms Up!
We are thrilled to present wonderful Wisconsin writer Jim Draeger to help us celebrate this year's Wisconsin Book Festival in style! Jim will share stories from his co-authored book, Bottoms Up: A Toast to Wisconsin's Historic Bars & Breweries, and discuss his 20+ year experience working in the field of historic preservation and architecture at the Wisconsin Historical Society. From roadside structures to Northwoods resorts, Draeger celebrates the importance of ordinary buildings to our everyday lives and he encourages us to do the same! Time will be allotted for Q&A and a book sale and signing will conclude the event.
Monday, October 14, 6:30pm
Library Community Room

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