Rideshare Etc.'s Guaranteed Ride Home

Guaranteed Ride Home Program

When unexpected circumstances arise, the Dane County Guaranteed Ride Home program provides a Union Cab ride from work for employees who do not commute by driving alone. The program is free for employees who work in Dane County and use sustainable forms of transportation including walking, biking, public transit, carpooling, or vanpooling for the majority of their work trips. The program allows commuters to feel comfortable using sustainable transportation options to get to work, knowing they will have a ride home in case of an emergency.

The Rideshare, Etc. Program does not determine the legitimacy of an emergency, but rides to the airport, entertainment destinations, and other similar destinations are not allowed. The program is intended for unexpected situations such as personal or family illness, illness of a carpool driver, unscheduled overtime making it impossible to take bus or carpool home, flood or fire at your residence, bicycle break-down that cannot be fixed at work, and other similar circumstances.

How Does the Guaranteed Ride Home Program Work?

To use the service, you must first register with Rideshare, Etc. at RideshareEtc.org. Provide your name, home address, workplace name and address, and your typical mode of travel (transit, carpool, vanpool, bike, or walking). After registering online, call or email the Rideshare, Etc. program at (608) 266-RIDE (7433) or rideshare@cityofmadison.com to request that a Guaranteed Ride Home voucher be mailed to you. After using a voucher, you may request an additional voucher, up to a maximum of six per year.

In the event of an emergency, call Union Cab (242-2000) directly to request a ride, and pay the driver with a signed and filled-out voucher. The voucher is only valid with Union Cab. If you do not have a voucher at the time of the emergency, you may pay for the ride and get a receipt from the driver, which you may then send to the Rideshare Etc. program for reimbursement (address below).

The vouchers allow for a single Union Cab ride of up to $75 per ride, for a maximum of six rides per year. Participants are responsible for any driver gratuity. Participants requiring a ride costing more than $75 pay the difference of the trip with their own funds.

For more information visit RideshareEtc.org.