Work for Sun Prairie EMS

Sun Prairie Emergency Medical Services is proud to be the employer of choice for some of the most talented and skilled paramedics in all of Dane County! 

As part of the City's public safety team, we work seamlessly alongside our colleagues in the Police Department, Fire Department, and Building Inspection Department to ensure that our combined talents result in real quality-of-life enhancements for City residents.  We pride ourselves on demonstrating our commitment to our community through the delivery of excellent patient care and exceptional customer service.  We work with community groups to develop partnerships and advance emergency preparedness in the City.  In our efforts to ensure that we are always prepared and capable to deal with any type of emergency, we reach across jurisdictional boundaries and collaborate closely with neighboring agencies to improve interoperability.  

Sun Prairie paramedics relentlessly pursue professional growth and development opportunities.  We actively engage in the EMS and public safety industry at the County, State, and national levels.  We continually grow our minds and develop our research and communication skills through the pursuit of collegiate education.  As lifelong learners, we tirelessly pursue advanced education, training, and certification in emergency medical skills.  We are committed to promoting the EMS profession and enjoy sharing our knowledge with others.  We are proud to help teach students who are just learning about paramedicine, as well as to provide opportunities for new EMS providers just beginning their careers.

When looking for members to join our team, we seek out enthusiastic, energetic, and driven paramedics who are committed to the profession and who are diligent in helping others succeed.  

Applications are accepted at: