Draft Comprehensive Plan

Public Hearing Draft of the Comprehensive Plan Now Available

The Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee guides the Comprehensive Plan update process.   Upon the completion of a Draft Comprehensive Plan, the Committee is charged with recommending the Plan to the City's Plan Commission for adoption.  

The Committee recommended the plan for adoption at its June 26, 2019 meeting.  Following this recommendation, the Plan Commission held a public hearing on the plan on July 9th, 2019.  Following this hearing, the Commission adopted a resolution recommending to the City Council recommending adoption of the plan.

The City Council will consider adopting the plan at its July 16th, 2019 meeting.  We encourage you to look through the materials and bring your comments and concerns to the meeting or to provide them in writing prior to the hearing. Comments submitted to the Planning Division in advance of the hearing will be forwarded to the Council for consideration. 

To review the Draft Comprehensive Plan, click on the links below.

Cover / Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction 

Chapter 2 - Issues and Opportunities  

Chapter 3 – Agricultural, Natural and Cultural Resources

Chapter 4 – Utilities and Community Facilities

Chapter 5 – Intergovernmental Cooperation 

Chapter 6 – Economic Development

Chapter 7 – Housing

Chapter 8 – Mobility and Transportation

Chapter 9 – Land Use 

Chapter 10 – Implementation