Parks, Recreation & Forestry

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About Sun Prairie Parks, Recreation & Forestry (SPPRF)


Our purpose is to support the health, happiness and wellbeing of our community.


Inspiring the health, wellness and connectedness of all those who live, work and play in the Sun Prairie community.


  • To provide and maintain an accessible, equitable and sustainable park system
  • To offer high-quality recreational programming that is affordable and inclusive
  • To restore, manage and protect a diverse urban forest
  • To promote and preserve open, natural spaces that provide local opportunities for exploration and connectedness to nature


Quality:  We maintain a commitment to excellence in our programs, services, parks, and facilities.

Intentionality:  We proactively anticipate the needs of our community in order to provide programs, services, parks and facilities that meet the needs of our community.

Safety & Training:  We take a proactive approach to ensure the safety of our staff and those who utilize our programs, services, parks and facilities. Training, skills development and preparedness of our staff is a priority.

Inclusion & Accessibility:  We want everybody in the community to utilize our programs, services, parks and facilities.  We strive for equitable access and reduction of barriers.

Collaboration & Engagement:  We develop and maintain community partnerships to broaden opportunities for the members of our community.  We seek out feedback from stakeholders and believe that everybody has a say in the future of our programs, services, parks and facilities.

Stewardship: We value our community's natural, open spaces and urban forest.  We continuously look for ways to become more environmentally, fiscally, and socially sustainable in everything we do.

Customer Service:  We are committed to being responsive, professional and respectful to all.  We genuinely care about the members of our community.

Fun:  We believe in the power of play.  We strive to create spaces and opportunities that provide memorable experiences for all those in our community.