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Kickstarter Campaign Launches for 103.5 The Sun Community Radio

The Sun Prairie Media Center has officially launched its Kickstarter fundraising campaign to raise funds for "103.5 The Sun Community Radio," the city's upcoming radio station. Visit the donation website.

This is the first phase of what will be several months of fundraising and planning for the station, said SPMC executive director Jeff Robbins.

"We hope to eventually raise roughly double what we're asking for with the Kickstarter campaign," said Robbins. "But given that The Sun' will be a community radio station, programmed for and by the residents of Sun Prairie, it made sense to start with this grass-roots effort."

People can log in and make a donation as small as 1 dollar, and anyone who donates at least $10 will receive some exclusive giveaways, including "103.5 The Sun Community Radio" stickers, flashlight keychains, t-shirts, and mugs.

The giveaways will all feature the new logo that came courtesy of Cottage Grove resident Jennifer Seubert, who emerged as the winner in the Sun Prairie Media Center's just-finished radio logo contest.

In addition, anyone who donates at the "Adopt-A-Watt" level of $103 will have their name etched on a plaque that will adorn the "103.5 The Sun Community Radio" studios.

All donors will receive updates on the radio project and special on-air thanks once the station launches.

The Kickstarter campaign is crucial to the overall success of the radio station, said Robbins.

"We are getting a ton of feedback from the community from people very excited and interested in the station. But funding the station is obviously the first important step."

If the project goal of $10,350 is not reached by August 19, none of the funds donated will be made available to the SPMC. So reaching that goal is "a must," said Robbins.

"103.5 The Sun" will be a unique way for Sun Prairie residents to get involved in their community by hosting and producing original shows. On-air opportunities will also exist for residents who simply want to spend an hour playing their favorite songs.

Seubert said the station sounds like a great idea and that's 1 of the reasons she got involved. "I think community radio seems likes an excellent avenue for residents of Sun Prairie to share news, events, and opinions, and to connect with 1 another."

"I would love for The Sun to feature local music and segments on local arts, crafts, food, and drink," Seubert continued. "Sun Prairie has so much to offer in this respect."

"103.5 The Sun" is scheduled to be available in summer 2015. Additional information on the station and its progress is available at our Facebook page.