Homes are a very big investment and protecting your valuables and your family is no little task.  Please research potential alarm company's and what services they offer prior to finalizing your decision.  Click here for a helpful guide to assist you in making a decision on what alarm may best serve your needs. 
An alarm permit is required for residential and business alarms per Sun Prairie Municipal Ordinance 8.08.010. There is a $10 permit fee. This is a 1-time permit fee. Alarm holders need to be aware that after 2 false alarms the city will charge for additional false alarms. False alarms are tracked on a calendar year for each location. If an alarm holder does not have a copy of the alarm ordinance they can request one by calling the police department at 608-837-7336 or view the city ordinances online. Fill out our Alarm Permit Request Form (PDF) (PDF).Please make sure your alarm permit information is up-to-date.